Tiny Dog Did Not Want To Be Saved Until Rescuers Changed His Mind

Tiny Dog Did Not Want To Be Saved Until Rescuers Changed His Mind

The incredible non-profit, California-based animal rescue, Hope For Paws was contacted about a dog who had been abandoned by a homeless couple in Downtown Los Angeles.

When rescuers Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo arrived, the little dog ran around the parking lot searching for a way to escape. They surrounded the van with fencing so they could secure the tiny dog in one spot and after a few minutes, Eldad asked Lisa to place his Lucky Leash around the stray. 

A neighbor told the two about the people who abandoned the dog weeks ago, and it was devastating to hear. It’s uncertain how long the tiny pup was fending for himself, but it was clear he was in desperate need of help. 

The dog revealed his teeth, growling to Eldad and Lisa, to show his toughness, but they knew how badly he just wanted to be saved.

After only 30 minutes, it was finally time for them to leave and take the dog who they named Scooby to the hospital. It was there that he received a much-needed haircut and medical care.

Finally, once the adorable dog was cleaned up, he started wagging his tail.

Scooby has likely been adopted since the filming of this video, but to find out if he is still available, please contact TheForgottenDog.com

If not, there are plenty of other rescue dogs in need of loving homes.

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[Featured Image: Hope For Paws]