Toddler’s Tragic Death Gave This Beautiful 8-Month-Old Girl A Chance At Life

Toddler’s Tragic Death Gave This Beautiful 8-Month-Old Girl A Chance At Life

One family is suffering a horrible tragedy while another received a miracle.

William Heard, 2, of Brentwood, Tennessee had his life tragically cut short in December while he was being watched by a nanny who had been with the family for years. He choked on a piece of food and never regained consciousness.

However, 400 miles away, an 18-month-old Ava Martin of Chicago was going through some tragedies of her own with her family. On August 18, Ava was diagnosed with heart failure, and since then had been fighting for her life. According to CBS Chicago, in her first 15 months of life, she endured two open heart surgeries.

Jamie and Daniel Heard, William’s parents, have gone through more than any parent, but in their darkest time, they made the selfless decision to donate William’s organs. His heart saved Ava’s life.

Ava Martin, left, 18 months, received a heart donation from William Heard, 2, on December 14. [Credit: ABC]
After four months of waiting, a viable heart was donated, the transplant was a success, and Ava has been released from the hospital. Both families have been through more than any should ever have to go through, and thanks to social media, the Heard family has connected with the Martin family. The Heards will soon be visiting her and her family in Chicago.

“This is something that all the money in the world couldn’t buy us,” Amie Martin told KLFY. “And we are so thankful for what they’ve given us today.”

In her first 15 months of life, Ava went through two open heart surgeries [Credit: KLFY]
Jamie and Daniel Heard are grateful that, even in a time of tragedy, William was able to save a life.

During his short life, William impacted a lot of lives. The Brentwood boy loved his parents, his older sister and his favorite cowboy boots.

[Credit: Facebook]
“He ran everywhere he went. He was just 100-percent boy,” said William’s mother. “But a side of him was so loving. He knew he was loved by everyone around him. He knew God made him,” she added.

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