Tough Toddler Uses Steel Pipe To Defend His Grandma

Tough Toddler Uses Steel Pipe To Defend His Grandma

We’ve seen grown men protect the women in their life before, but never a boy as small as this one. 

When urban management officers were trying to shut down illegal vending on the streets of China, one tough toddler didn’t want anyone going near his beloved grandmother. 

The little boy is shown in the following video grabbing a steel pipe to defend the old woman, yelling “Don’t touch my grandma.”

There’s even a point in the shocking clip when he gets extremely mad and throws the pipe down. Officers stood by, some even filming the little boy, because how could you resist. 

He is his grandmother’s little protector and we think it’s adorable! 

Watch the video that’s been making its rounds on Chinese social media below. 

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[Featured Image: YouTube/People’s Daily 人民日报]