Tradr Is A New Tinder-esque App That You Can Use For Selling Your Junk

Tradr Is A New Tinder-esque App That You Can Use For Selling Your Junk

You can sell your junk on Tinder too, but we’re talking about a different kind of junk here.

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Do you have a house full of “antiques” that you’re feeling overburdened by? You could post an add on Craigslist and wait for a sketchy reply from somebody in Minnesota who wants to drive to your house to pick up your old Ninendo 64. Or you could use the growing app Tradr, that has a fantastic Tinder-like model to sell your junk former treasures to those in your area.

This is the new and improved app version of eBay or Craigslist:

Instead of struggling with photo uploads and multiple pages, with Tradr you can snap a picture, add a description and place an ad, all while you stand on line waiting for your Starbucks.

Person-to-person classifieds have been around forever, but it has never been as easy to buy and sell as it is with an app. Tradr has a gimmick, though, that its creators—Jessica Behrens and Zaki Djemal—hope will make it even easier to use. Users are presented with a successive photos of items on offer, similar to the Tinder model. They swipe right if they like it and left if they don’t. This easy narrowing of offers makes decision-making much easier, without the agonizing over choices that which usually comes with comparison shopping.

Much like Tinder, you swipe for a “match,” and are able to speak directly with the seller of the item. If you hit it off, you can send it in the mail or meet up to exchange the goods. And, as goes with the Tinder model, if you really hit it of, you can exchange more than just the goods.

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