Train Crushes Dog’s Legs, But Not His Spirit

Train Crushes Dog’s Legs, But Not His Spirit

Warning: This video contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers.

When the amazing rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited of India received an urgent call on their helpline that a dog had been hit by a train, they rushed to help. 

Unsure of what they were walking into, when they saw a dog laying there, unable to move, and his limbs hanging off, they were devastated. Animal Aid wrote on their YouTube page, “we had never before rescued a dog so horrifically injured…with broken hearts, we thought we had to put him to sleep.” 

“But despite the enormous challenges ahead, we knew we had to let love be our guide,” they continued. 

When rescuers brought the canine in, they learned three of his limbs were completely crushed and he would need urgent amputation.  

The surgery lasted five hours, and doctors and nurses fought to save this beautiful dog’s life.

They named the dog Deepak and explained that it took six months for him to recover, which is a much longer recovery than many of the rescues we’ve seen. 

But, after six months, Deepak was a new dog. He is unable to walk too well, but Deepak enjoys swimming in the pool and playing with other dogs, who are just like him. 

One of the rescuers from the organization explains that while others may view disabled dogs differently, they don’t view themselves as being any different. They enjoying playing, spending time with other dogs, and also the humans who put 24 hours a day into caring for them. 

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To learn more about you can help Deepak, please click here.

[Featured Image Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited India/YouTube]