Trooper Ran Across A Busy Freeway To Save 6 Ducklings

Trooper Ran Across A Busy Freeway To Save 6 Ducklings

Police officers dedicate their lives to protecting their communities and are even willing to risk their lives to keep others safe, no matter what species they are.

So when one Washington State Patrol officer named Matt Rogers heard that a mother duck and her babies had gotten stuck trying to cross a busy freeway and were likely going to be hit by one of the many passing cars, he rushed over to the scene.

Rogers quickly managed to catch the mother duck and five of her ducklings and placed them safely in a cardboard box in the back of his patrol car. The last duckling, however, wasn’t as easy to catch. “One of the ducklings they were trying to catch actually ran across all four lanes of I5,” said public information officer Travis Shearer. “But miraculously, the little duckling was not hit.”

Rogers knew that if he didn’t act fast, the duckling would either get run over or a driver would get into an accident trying to swerve and avoid running the tiny animal over, so he bravely ran out into the road at the safest opportunity and managed to scoop the lucky duckling up just in time.

Once Rogers had the entire family safe in the backseat, he escorted the family to a pond far from the freeway and released them back into the wild. “For as long as I’ve been a trooper working this area, it’s a very common occurrence,” Shearer said. “When the wild ducks are hatching, we get quite a few calls in the region. We do our best to scoop them up and relocate them safely off the freeway.”

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[Featured image: Facebook/Washington State Patrol]