Two Lion Brothers Rescued From The Circus – Absolutely Beautiful!

Two Lion Brothers Rescued From The Circus – Absolutely Beautiful!

These two lion brothers named Pancho and Temuco were circus performers in Bolivia, being harshly trained, abused and intimidated.

This is the case with all circus animals, as they have to be trained so harshly to perform the way they do.

It is extremely sad, and in the case of Pancho and Temuco, they were luckily saved from their life of circus performers by the Animal Defenders International, the organization that saved them and many others in a large evacuation mission of circus animals.

Once Pancho and Temuco were rescued and arrived at the sanctuary, they were able to live freely, and walk and play around without any ropes or attachments, like the ones they previously had in the circus.

There is nothing greater than this freedom for these King’s of the jungle, and in their video below they act more like playful puppies than lions- kissing, holding, hugging and nuzzling one another as they enjoy their newfound freedom.

It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen, and watching these lion brothers will make you fall in love with them too:


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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Beautiful Amazing World]