Two Starving Dogs Are Completely Transformed By Love

Two Starving Dogs Are Completely Transformed By Love

The Chicago Police Department found two dogs, Oscar and Emmy, in an abandoned building two years ago. 

The dogs were severely underweight, and it was clear that they had been uncared for all their lives. Oscar and Emmy would need immediate medical care, so the police called in a local rescue group, Trio Animal Foundation, to help. 


Emmy, the sweet red dog, was especially ill. “Her body was in starvation mode,” Trio Animal Foundation posted on its Facebook page. “Emmy was started on IV fluids, pain medication, antibiotics and a slow feeding regimen.” The dogs were so underfed that too much food could have overwhelmed their systems, so they needed to be reintroduced to food slowly.

When Emmy met a special human at the animal hospital where she was being treated, everything began to change for her. 

“Emmy fell for one of her vet technicians, and he fell for her,” Trio Animal Foundation posted on Facebook. “When Emmy was weak and didn’t want to leave Anthony’s side, he would drape her around his neck and carry her around like a little fawn … this is when Emmy was happiest.”

Once she was strong enough to walk around, she would go searching the hospital for Anthony. The two became so close that Anthony teared up when it was time for Emmy to leave the hospital. 

Anthony officially became Emmy’s forever dad at the end of August. “He couldn’t lose his favorite girl,” the rescue posted.

As far as Oscar, he went through special training to help him regain his trust in humans and he too has been adopted into a loving home

Looking at where these two dogs started, it’s incredible to see how far they’ve come when they were first rescued. Emmy and Oscar proved that no matter what their past held, they were able to forgive and move on to have a happy and beautiful future. 

Thank you to the Trio Animal Foundation for helping these sweet dogs. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook]