Unconventional Family Raises Newborn Girl With Three Polygamous Parents

Unconventional Family Raises Newborn Girl With Three Polygamous Parents

Just when you thought you had heard it all, I guarantee you haven’t heard this one yet.

A polyamorous pastor is raising his newborn girl with his two ‘sister wives,’ one who is the biological mother and the other who feels the child is just as much hers despite not actually sharing DNA. This is because the trio is in a polygamous relationship.

Pastor Thom Miller already has 11 other children, but this is his first child with 20-year-old Reba Miller. Reba ‘married’ Thom Miller along with his 44-year-old wife Belinda and the trio lives together in harmony. They say their relationship is void of jealousy.

“Reba is Mommy and Belinda is Mama,” according to Thom.

Now, the devoted women and their 61-year-old husband have a long journey ahead of them, raising this child while they ignore the social stigma the world places upon them.

Listen to what this family has to say about their nonconventional ways.

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