UPS Driver Leaves Sorry Note After Running Over Family’s Dog

UPS Driver Leaves Sorry Note After Running Over Family’s Dog

A family in Washington is mourning the tragic loss of their dog after he was hit and killed on Thursday by a UPS driver, who was backing out of the family’s property near Lake Samish. 

The 14-year-old shar-pei and terrier mix named Toby was one of the family’s two dogs, and the entire Wakelin family is devastated! To make matters even worse, the way the family found out about Toby’s death is despicable. 

According to King 5 News, the driver left a note on the front door reading, “Sorry I backed over Tobey. He’s dead over by where I turn around. I didn’t see him behind me. Sorry.” 

Toby’s owner, Cynthia Wakelin told the news station, “Who does something like that? UPS needs to educate their drivers about how to do the right thing. It’s more about than delivering packages. I live on a mountain. I moved there for a reason. They roam or go down the back to the lake. Full freedom….most of the time they sit on the porch.”

Cynthia had to search all over the find the body of  Toby, but when she did, she learned how badly he had been hit and there was a trail of his blood down the driveway. The driver did not call the family even though there was a phone number on the dog’s collar. UPS said it is their policy in cases like this to “knock on the door and if no one is home to leave a note.”

In a statement to King 5, UPS said they apologized to the customer for the “unfortunate incident.” “The driver involved has been disciplined, and the company will make a goodwill payment to the customer,” UPS said in the statement.

A UPS spokesman would not specify why the driver was disciplined since he followed protocol, but he did say the driver failed to notify his manager about the incident until the next day. The driver’s manager later visited Wakelin’s home after learning what happened and offered his condolences. “He was really upset that it was handled this way,” said Cynthia. “He felt really bad because he is a dog owner, too.”

This was not an isolated incident, however, and there have been at least two other incidents across the country in recent years where a UPS driver killed a dog and left a note. 

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Can you believe the audacity of this UPS driver?

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