UPS Driver Saves A Family After Their Home Caught On Fire

UPS Driver Saves A Family After Their Home Caught On Fire

Normally, UPS drivers aren’t called heroes for delivering mail, however, one brave Massachusetts UPS driver is being hailed a hero for what he did for total strangers while on his delivery route.

Last week, driver Paul Periera spotted flames coming from the front porch of a house he was driving by. Rather than call 911 and wait, the hero UPS driver got out and started putting the flames out himself with a neighbor’s garden hose. “I came around the corner and I noticed that there was a table on fire,” Periera said. “I just ran over, banged on the door. I told the people in the house, ‘Your house is on fire!’ And they didn’t know their house was on fire.”

“By the time the fire department showed up, he had knocked down the fire. Had he not been there, that entire porch would have been engulfed. That entire house would have been lost. There would be no question,”  neighbor Peter Brown said. “I didn’t realize how big the flames were until I saw the video myself,” Periera said. Despite the danger, Periera doesn’t consider himself a hero. “I think anybody would do it if they saw a fire, you know, act on it.”

The family who live in the house, however, insist that Periera saved their home and possibly their lives. “I came in from the back. I saw my whole porch engulfed in flames. It was just scary,” Tracy Lavender said. “We are forever grateful for what you did for our family. He’s definitely our hero.”

Watch the entire video below to see the emotional moment this family is reunited with the UPS driver that bravely saved a family from a house fire.

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[Featured image: WCVB-TV Boston]