Vets Saves Dog After She Was Impaled By A 33-Inch Stick

Vets Saves Dog After She Was Impaled By A 33-Inch Stick

When dog owner Lee Humphreys saw her normally energetic dog lying lifelessly in the dirt, she knew something was very wrong and was horrified when she discovered a 33-inch long branch had impaled her dog.

“When I first found Mya lying on the ground I couldn’t really work out what was wrong and then I realized this branch was sticking out of her chest,” Lee said. “I knew I needed to snap it to free her but I’m not sure how I had the strength to do it because it was an inch thick. At that point, I had no idea how deep it went. I just felt sick, it was so horrific and she was in great distress.”

Mya had been chasing a rabbit when she ran into the fallen branch, which pierced through her body from her shoulder and out her thigh. Once the 56-year-old managed to break the branch, she carried the 75-pound dog on a stretcher to the vet’s emergency van with the help of three friends, the vet, a nurse and two tree surgeons. Once at the vet, they did an x-ray and discovered the stick went through the spleen, diaphragm, and liver.

They immediately rushed her into surgery, which lasted five hours. Even after the surgery,  doctors still didn’t think she would make it. However, they were shocked when she was back on her feet three days later. “It was a real rollercoaster for the owners,” said vet Laura Pons. “She was a really powerful dog and she was fighting so hard, that’s what made us continue with the treatment. We had to get plasma sent from Scotland for transfusions. But she just seemed to have miracle after miracle. I was amazed she survived the surgery. I have dealt with a couple cases of impalement before but never anything like this.”

“It was such a relief when she stood up and wagged her tail,” said Lee. “She is now a healthy dog again. She loves running around chasing after things again so it doesn’t seem to have put her off… Her total bill was £17,000. We had to pay about £7,000 from our own pocket. But she’s worth it, we love her very much.”

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[Featured image: BNPS]