Visually And Hearing Impaired Children Participate In Beeping Easter Egg Hunt

Visually And Hearing Impaired Children Participate In Beeping Easter Egg Hunt

Thanks to the Blind Children’s Center, visually impaired kids were able to participate in Easter egg hunting this year too.

While these Easter eggs weren’t dyed or painted, they still allowed for all children to be included in the fun. Over 80 Los Angeles families participated in the Blind Children’s annual Beeping Easter Egg Hunt on Friday, and it was aimed towards visually impaired children who would have a hard time participating in a typical egg hunt. 

Kids hunted eggs that emitted a beeping noise around a local schoolyard and were able to exchange them for an Easter basket of goodies. The beeping and vibrating eggs helped the children to better locate the eggs and enjoy the hunt at their own place. 

Yoreka Douglas says it’s great for her son because, “He cannot see it at all, so it’s good because he can hear it. It peeps for him.” “It turns confusion and overwhelm into open joy,” said Dr. Fernanda Armenta-Schmitt of the Blind Children’s Center, according to KCBS. “It helps us also understand a loss of ability, loss of a skill or sense, doesn’t limit us from having fantastic lives.”

Volunteers came up with the beeping egg in 1964 and since then it’s remained an important way to help students develop their sense of hearing, and be included in the annual Easter tradition. Los Angeles schools weren’t the only ones who held a Beeping Easter Egg Hunt this year, the Dallas ISD teamed up with AT&T to host their annual hunt for visually and hearing impaired children as well. 

Arbige Salgado and his wife brought their daughter to the event and told CW33, “just the little things that they do is just.. you know, something that helps out a lot. You know? You as a parent feel proud at what they do.”

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[Featured Image Credit: NBC Los Angeles]