Volunteers Dress NICU Babies Up As Christmas Presents

Volunteers Dress NICU Babies Up As Christmas Presents

When most parents imagine their baby’s first Christmas, they picture their baby getting pictures taken while being cradled by Santa Claus, opening their first-ever Christmas gift, and spending time at home bonding as a new family.

They don’t picture themselves spending Christmas huddled around an incubator in a hospital, praying that their little fighters will grow strong enough to go home finally. Knowing how hard it can be to spend such an important time of year in the hospital, nurses and volunteers at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City came together to help raise parents’ spirits and remind them that their babies are gifts.

Photo by Faces You Love Photography/March of Dimes

“The holidays can be an especially emotional time for families in the NICU. Babies here are usually born premature or sick, and they may spend weeks or months growing healthy enough to go home,” said Michelle Manuel, a representative for the hospital. “So providing these special families with an opportunity to celebrate the holidays in a memorable way allows them a sense of normalcy, and an opportunity to celebrate their babies’ first milestones — even in the hospital — which is what every family wants to do!”

Photo by March of Dimes

“Each of our NICU families was given a keepsake “Twas the Night Before Christmas” card with their baby’s own footprint drawn into a mouse, a hand-crocheted Santa bag filled with candy, and a hand-crocheted Santa hat or girl’s cap with a bow, along with a keepsake holiday book that the family may read together,” the volunteers from March of Dimes, who helped organized the special surprise, said. “Families who celebrate Hanukkah were given beautiful blue and silver presents and keepsakes, and families who celebrate Kwanzaa were given red, green, gold and black gifts.”

Photo by Sally Morrow Photography

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[Featurd image: Sally Morrow Photography/ March of Dimes]