What Siri Really Sounds Like When She Isn’t Inside Your iPhone

What Siri Really Sounds Like When She Isn’t Inside Your iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you very well know your intelligent personal assistant and sidekick named Siri.

She is the voice who answers all of your questions, and sometimes she has some pretty funny things to say, like when you asked her what 0 divided by 0 is.

Have you ever wondered though who the real woman is behind Siri?

Most of us probably didn’t even consider her a real person, and just assumed that she was a robot. But she is indeed alive in the flesh and blood.

Let me introduce you to Susan Bennett, who is a voice actor and singer based in Atlanta, Georgia, and she recorded the original voice of Siri back in 2005.

If you heard Susan’s real voice, you would agree that she sounds a lot different than the voice that millions of people hear around the world on their iPhones.

Susan Bennett says:

“A Siri-like voice is still, at this point in time, very robotic. The pitch is a little bit lower, it’s not as evenly paced as if you were speaking naturally.”

And because her voice is so different to that of Siri, Susan doesn’t often get recognized on the street. But the fact that one would never have any reason to assume she in fact is Siri, is also probably why.

Below is a video of Siri explaining the art of voiceover, and how she changes her voice to play different roles.

It’s actually fascinating. And pretty cool that this is actually someones job.

[Featured Image Credit: unilad.co.uk]