When This Cheerleader Asked Out Her Prom Date, There Wasn’t A Dry Eye In The Room

When This Cheerleader Asked Out Her Prom Date, There Wasn’t A Dry Eye In The Room

It’s a date they will never forget.

High school is hard and the social hierarchy that exists in the hallways is harder. You have the jocks, the cool kids, the nerds, the burnouts, the cheerleaders, and a hundred other uniform cliques that don’t mingle with the others. At least, that’s what the movies tell us it’s like.

Cheerleader Mikal Bartosik of Park Vista High School in Florida is one student who’s breaking down social barriers. The 17-year-old asked her long time friend Jonathan to prom, a unique invitation because Jonathan is on the autism spectrum and has been made fun of due to his outlandish nature.

Despite his reputation, Mikal showed up to school one Friday morning with a red box, a huge cookie cake inside, and the words “Will You Go to the Prom With Me?” in white icing.

The video captured by a friend shows Jonathan jumping around with excitement after being asked.

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“It was like something you see in movies,” said Jeanne Ladner, the school’s speech pathologist and cheerleading coach. “I cried.”

“JMR,” as Jonathan is known at school, and Bartosik became friends last year when the cheerleader started hanging out with a group of special ed kids at lunch. When other students criticized her for hanging out with the “weird kids,” she got angry.

“I told them they just have different social issues, different ways of communicating,” she said. “Besides, once you get to know them, they’re not that different and they’re way nicer than kids without disabilities.”

Mikal has been to prom twice already and she said she noticed special needs kids often avoided prom. She wanted to make a positive change and decided to ask Jonathan. She also notes, however, that this is not a pity date. Jonathan is a friend with a good attitude and a fun nature, so she is just as excited as he is.

You can watch the adorable “promposal” below:

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