Wife Accidentally Donates Husband’s Secret $8,000 Cash Stash To Goodwill

Wife Accidentally Donates Husband’s Secret $8,000 Cash Stash To Goodwill

A California woman had a lot of explaining to do to her husband when she accidentally donated a shirt concealing his secret cash stash of $8,000 to Goodwill charities.

Bob Hoffman, 62, had been saving up the money for years in secret to take his wife, Linda, 68, on her dream vacation to Italy. “My plan was to save $10,000,” Hoffman told the Orange County Register. “Then one day I was going to walk up to her and say, ‘We don’t have to wish anymore.’”

Bob decided to put the vacation plans on hold recently when a relative fell on hard times and was about to be evicted with their children, so he took the money out of the bank and planned to give it to his relative.

When Bob discovered the shirt and hidden envelope went missing, he told his wife the story and they immediately rushed to Goodwill

“Bob is an extremely strong human being,” Linda Hoffman said. “I don’t want to hurt his male ego … but he was crying. I haven’t seen him that distraught since his parents died.”

The couple did not find the shirt that day at Goodwill, but the following morning they received a call bearing good news. A Goodwill employee named Caitlin Mulvihill had found the dress shirt with the envelope still inside in a pile of clothes. 

“I describe it as a miracle,” Linda Hoffman told KABC-TV. “I would say that it was honest people and what touched our hearts the most is how honest they were.”

Thankfully, Bob recently learned his relative no longer needs the money, so the funds will go back to their original purpose: Taking his wife to Italy. 

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