Woman Can’t Find Missing Cats Because They’re Stuck In Her Wall

Woman Can’t Find Missing Cats Because They’re Stuck In Her Wall

One Houston woman had the scare of her life when her two cats disappeared while she was at work. 

Natalie Pradia assumed her cats had wandered off or she feared the worse- that someone may have stolen them. Pradia checked her surveillance video and the last time she saw her tabby cats, Ginger and Zelda pop up on the screen was at 10:30 am. It seemed they had vanished. 

“I come home from work. Rewind the cameras. Slow it down,” Pradia tells ABC 13. “Skip forward. Go backwards. The cats just seem like they poof, just disappeared. You never see them leaving the apartment. You see the last movement and visual on them at 10:31am.”

Pradia and her family searched for the cats for hours outside their southeast Houston apartment but they had no luck. “I hear meow, meow. They both have bells, so I’m hearing their bells. I’m hearing one cat scratch, which I know is Zelda because she loves to scratch anything,” said Pradia. I’m hearing it in the floor of my front porch, which is behind the stairs.

She knew there was no place else the cats could but except in the walls. When investigating further, it turns out a maintenance worker entered Pradia’s apartment to do bathroom work, and surveillance video showed him entering and leaving the home many times. 

His job entailed cutting into the wall over the bathtub as he worked to replace tiles, and Pradia and apartment management suspect the cats climbed into the open hole when the maintenance worker left. Once he returned to seal up the wall, Ginger and Zelda were trapped.

The following morning, crews cut into a ceiling and Pradia retrieved her loving cats. She says she had to use a can of treats to entice the cats out. “I shook it, and two little heads popped down. It was my orange tabby and my black tabby,” said Pradia.

Pradia adds that while cats have nine lives, Ginger and Zelda likely lost two during his wall fiasco. Now that the cats are out of the walls, they seem to be a bit tired but are doing well. 

Watch a video of the cats below:

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[Featured Image Credit: ABC 13]