Woman Caught On Camera Dragging Cat On Leash For Blocks

Woman Caught On Camera Dragging Cat On Leash For Blocks

Authorities are looking for a woman who was caught on camera cruelly dragging a cat on a lease on the streets of Los Angeles. 

A witness named Shifrah noticed the cat “dragger” on Van Nuys Boulevard and saw the woman dragging the cat for at least four blocks. 

She explained to KTLA News that she stopped her car and demanded the woman leave the cat alone and stop dragging him. “I was disgusted and I was horrified,” said Shifrah. “The cord is around his neck, and she’s just pulling him. You know he was trying to get away from her.” 

Shifrah then called 911 and continued to follow the woman, and that’s when the situation became even more disturbingShe watched another witness get out of her car, also demanding the cat-dragging monster release the animal. 

But, that’s when things escalated. “She ripped the blonde wig off the abuser’s hair. So now they’re kind of arguing; you’re seeing fists flying a little bit. The cat is either dropped or thrown to the ground. The mean lady is saying ‘give me my wig, give me my wig,’ and then she tasered the nice lady. I see flashes of light and she’s tasering the lady, and then that’s when the fight kind of ended,” Shifrah said. 

The suspect wound up running away and leaving the cat behind. The cat was then brought into the East Valley Animal Shelter where she has since been named Mischief and is currently receiving treatment for her wounds. Mischief is expected to make a recovery, and the shelter says she should be available for adoption at the end of February. 

Shifrah hopes that others will do as she did, and stop if they see an animal being mistreated. Anyone with information is asked to call the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services at 888-452-7381. 

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[Featured Image Credit: KTLA News]