Woman Fearlessly Shoos Away Bear That Broke Into Her Garage

Woman Fearlessly Shoos Away Bear That Broke Into Her Garage

A California woman acted cool as a cucumber when she found a bear trespassing in her garage. 

Diana Chase, who owns Pine Mountain Inn in Los Padres National Forrest, opened her home garage and saw a large bear eating dog feed. Being that Chase is used to seeing animals often in her neighborhood, instead of panicking, she stayed calm and started videotaping the bear

“Oh, look at the mess you made, isn’t that special,” she said in the video. “You can’t have it!” Chase continues, as she watches pounds of dog food pour out of the opened bag. 

“I was nervous it didn’t leave because it can do a lot of damage,” she told Inside Edition. “I did get a little nervous because he would not back off.” Chase believes the bear was young, which is likely why he was more aggressive. 

Eventually, Chase sprayed Windex at the bear to try and make him back off and she even kicked an old washing machine in the garage to frighten the bear. “It really was exciting for me,” Chase told Inside Edition. “It is really exhilarating photographing a bear.”

Chase was absolutely fearless, and even if she was scared, she showed no signs of backing down against this wild animal. The bear eventually made his way out of the garage, but he stayed close in hopes of getting another chance to munch on the dog food he spilled. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Inside Edition/YouTube]