Woman Performs CPR To Save A Pigeon She Found Dying

Woman Performs CPR To Save A Pigeon She Found Dying

Almost anyone would do anything to help a sick or injured dog or cat, but very few would do the same for animals that are considered to be a dirty pest.

However, 34-year-old Lehar Laghmani was raised as a Sikh and was always taught to help all living creatures in need, no matter what kind. So when she spotted a pigeon that appeared to be dying, she knew she had to do something to try to save it.

“I saw the pigeon just lying there in the middle of the street, so I went to see if it was dead or alive. Had it been dead, I would have just moved it aside, but it was conscious with its eyes still flickering,” said Lehar. Lehar knew there wasn’t enough time to get the bird to a vet, so she started performing CPR right on the street.

Unfortunately, the bird didn’t seem to respond to the CPR, so Lehar gently placed the pigeon out of harm’s way by a tree since there was nothing else she could do for it. But Lehar’s efforts have since gone viral after a passerby filmed her good deed and posted it online.

Many praised Lehar for doing everything she could to help the animal, but others were disgusted. “People were saying I’d end up sick, but I know what I’m doing. I volunteer in hospitals all over Scotland and get yearly blood tests and vaccinations,” said Lehar. “If any damn animal needs my help, then I’m going to give my help.”

Watch the entire video below to see the moment this woman does everything she can to help an animal in need.


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[Featured image: Twitter/@Charlismyname]