Woman Rescues Puppy Trapped In Car Engine

Woman Rescues Puppy Trapped In Car Engine

While walking into a local drugstore, one North Carolina woman heard a strange noise coming from a parked car that made her stop everything to investigate.

“There’s no mistaking that little puppy whine,” said Robin Haas, who had stopped at a local Walgreens to get some makeup before an interview with a TV station about the female welding program that she teaches at the Surry Community College.

The noise was coming from another parked car, and as she got closer, Haas realized the animal was stuck somewhere under the hood of the car. “She started to hear me talk and she got loud,” said Haas, who called a colleague, Caleb Costner, for help. “I didn’t believe it at first. I didn’t even see it in there, but Robin told me it was down there,” Costner said.

With the owner’s help, Haas and Costner removed the car’s battery and battery box and eventually found the tiny puppy trapped inside. “You got the serpentine belt right there on the motor. It’s tail, it’s leg or anything could have gotten pulled into the belt,” Costner said.

Miraculously, the puppy survived the ride and was completely unharmed. “She said it was a 45-minute drive for her, so that puppy was in that engine compartment for 45 minutes,” said Haas, who then took the puppy to class with her for the rest of the day.

“Ms. Haas came in holding her this morning and she was all covered in grease and shaken and scared and I fell in love,” said student Michelle Kirkman, who has adopted the puppy they named Excalibur after the brand of welding rods used in class.

Watch the entire video below to see the awesome moment this puppy was rescued from a car engine.

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[Featured image: Fox8]