Writers and Authors

Michelle LaFiura 

Michelle is a displaced New Yorker currently taking Florida for a spin. She is a freelance writer at Life Daily covering trends, viral videos, celebrity gossip, and basically everything else. Before working at Life Daily, she earned a living by dressing up as a clown and making balloon animals at birthday parties. When Michelle isn’t obsessively stalking Taylor Swift’s Instagram, you will find her outside in nature or contorting her body into strange positions in a yoga class. Her goal in life is to discover the meaning of it. Follow her on Instagram @ShellyBellie92 or Twitter @MichelleLaFiura

Meghan Walsh

Meghan is a New York-based staff-writer at LifeDaily.com. She covers viral news, health & wellness, travel, beauty, and an array of other topics. Over the course of her media career, Meghan has worked as a social media manager, photographer, and writer. When she’s not working, Meghan can be found doing yoga, drinking green tea, studying nutrition, or dreaming up her next travel adventure.