10 Amazing Life Hacks To Make Life Easier

10 Amazing Life Hacks To Make Life Easier

Life is hard enough for most of us as we face our usual daily challenges. These amazing life hacks are guaranteed to make life easier for you

Everyone faces challenges in their day. From the moment they wake up till the moment they go to sleep there are a whole host of hurdles to negotiate. Whether those hurdles be at work or at home here are some amazing life hacks which are guaranteed to make life easier for you.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that trip us up, setting the theme for a day of frustration and moods

We’ve all been there, you wake up nice and early full of the joys of spring and take your rightful place in the bathroom for your morning shower. You then switch on the water only to find the shower head is so full of residue you can barely wash. You then go downstairs to watch the news before work on the TV only to find the remote control isn’t in its place and is nowhere to be found.

All of this frustration can be avoided, if you know how. Read on my fellow ‘Easier life seekers’ and find out how you can save yourself a bunch of daily frustration simply and cheaply…

Amazing life hack 1: Never lose your remotes again!

There is nothing more frustrating than searching for numerous wayward remote controls. This simple but effective life hack will put and end to all that. For just a few dollars you can buy sticky back velcro in most local stores. Cut a small square of the velcro and stick it to the back of your remote, sticking the other side of the velcro somewhere convenient like the side of your coffee table on a shelf next to the TV.

Amazing life hack 2: Need a flathead screwdriver?

The nearest flathead screwdriver is only inches away from you right this moment. Don’t believe me? Take the nearest plug from the socket nearest to you and try and fit it into the screw head you want to tighten. Basic power plugs generally fit medium-large size flathead screws.

Amazing life hack 3: Need some illumination but don’t have a flashlight?

Ever find yourself in the situation where you need light urgently but don’t have a flashlight? Just switch your cell phone on so it lights up (keep an application open on a smart phone) and place the phone carefully underneath a bottle of water. The light distributes way better than the direct beam from the phone and can light up a reasonable area.

Amazing life hack 4: Want to clean your keyboard properly?

Dust, crumbs and dirt all build up in our keyboards and cell phones and it’s often impossible to get into the smaller nooks and crannies to remove it. Take the top from a squeeze ketchup bottle and put it on the tube attachment of your vacuum cleaner. The fine nozzle is perfect for getting into all those hard to reach places in your electrical items and cleaning out the dust.

Amazing life hack 5: Use spaghetti to light hard to reach wicks

It happens to the best of us, just as you want to light that great fragrant candle you got for Christmas, you end up burning yourself, unable to light it. The upside down flame on the lighter or match as you reach in to light the small wick is lethal. Next time, take a nice long piece of spaghetti and light it, it burns! Use the long stick to light the even the hardest to reach wicks.

Amazing life hack 6: Avoid chewy pizza

There’s nothing worse than chewy crust on a pizza. If you are like most people you will find yourself often wanting to heat up some pizza in the microwave, especially after a night out. If you want to make sure the crust stays crispy when you nuke it. Simply place a glass of half full water in with the pizza and it will come out crunchy! You have to see it to believe it but it actually works!

Amazing life hack 7: Bang nails without breaking your fingers

There’s nothing more painful than missing a nail and striking your finger with a hammer. Anyone who has done this will tell you it’s not pleasant. Next time you have some DIY to do around the house and some nails need hammering in, don’t use your fingers to support the nail in place. Grab a clothespin (wooden ones are best) and use it to hold the nail in place instead… Ingenious!

Amazing life hack 8: Make a beverage ice cold in minutes

As the summer approaches there are more and more moments when you need something cold to drink and you want it fast! Then you go open the fridge and darn! you forgot to put your favorite beverage in. It’s no sweat, simply wrap the drink in a wet paper towel and put it in the freezer, within about 15 minutes you will have an almost ice cold refreshing beverage to cool you down!

Amazing life hack 9: Need to fill a container that does’t fit in the sink?

It’s definitely a frustrating predicament to find yourself in when you need to fill a container with water but it doesn’t fit in the sink. Often larger buckets and especially square shaped ones usually won’t fit so what’s the solution? Take a (clean) dustpan, a standard one will do, and place it in the sink with the handle acting as a spout for the water. Leave the container you want filled on the floor carefully placed and voila! you fill your container with water no problem!

Amazing life hack 10: How to stop paint dripping on the paint can

You open a nice fresh can of paint ready to redecorate the house. As you stick the clean paintbrush in for the first time and take it out to apply some paint to the walls those annoying drips on the side of the can start and seem to never stop! These drips of paint dry and harden making it difficult to open the can once it’s closed. This can all be avoided! Take a strong rubber band and place it around the open can from top to bottom. You can then use the side of the band to rub off any excess paint back into the can avoiding spilling it down the side.