10 Swimming Pool Games Anyone Can Play

10 Swimming Pool Games Anyone Can Play

Summer is here and what better way to cool down on a hot day than to play a pool game with your friends or family? The following ten swimming pool games are mostly suitable for all ages and require basic equipment or none at all. Happy splashing!

1. Monster’s Ball Bonanza

Monster's Ball Bonanza

You need: Three beach balls for every four kids playing. At least four players. Directions: One child is “the Monster”. He/she stays in one end of the pool with all the balls. The other children go to the other end of the pool. On “go” all the other children must swim to the other end without getting hit by the balls the Monster is throwing. A child who gets hit must get out of the pool to become the Monster on the next round. The winner is the last child to stay in the pool.

2. Water Frisbee

Water Frisbee

You need: A Frisbee and two laundry baskets for goals. Directions: Create two teams – one team defends while the other one tries to score. Position someone outside the pool to retrieve the Frisbee as needed. Now one person from the scoring team throws the Frisbee from outside the pool to a fellow team member and then joins his team in the pool. The Frisbee must not be grasped. It can only rest on the tips of your fingers. You can walk and pass it but mustn’t swim with it. The objective is to score a goal to your team’s laundry basket after which it becomes the defending team’s turn to score.

3. Wet T-Shirt Relay

Wet T-Shirt Relay

You need: Two large or extra large soaking T-shirts. Directions: Create two teams. Line up each team on an opposite end of the pool. The first player of each team wears the soaking T-shirt. After crossing the pool to the other end he/she has to climb out and hand the shirt over to a fellow team member. The first team to get all its players across the pool wins.

4. Simon Says

Simon Says

You need: Four or more players. Directions: All participants spread out in the pool. The instructor/supervising adult becomes “Simon.” Whenever Simon calls out an action, for example: “Simon says float on your back” the participants do what Simon says. When he calls out for an action without saying “Simon says” first then whoever performs the action gets out of the water. The winner is the last person standing in the water.

5. Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is by far one of the most popular pool games. Directions: Choose one person to become “Marco.” Marco’s objective is to catch everyone else. Now, Marco must keep his/her eyes shut (or blindfolded). When Marco shouts “Marco” all the rest shouts “Polo” in reply. By following people’s sounds, Marco tries to tag them while they swim away to avoid being caught. The person who gets tagged becomes the new Marco and the game continues.

6. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a simple pool game but can be very challenging and enjoyable, especially if you have young children. You need: A “treasure” which can be made of sinkers, coins, golf balls or any other non-sharp object that can sink. Directions: While your child or friend counts to ten with their eyes closed you hide a “treasure” on the bottom of the pool. Now it’s the kid’s turn to dive for them. Whoever gets the most treasures wins.

7. Pool Volleyball

Pool Volleyball

A great way to stay fit and have fun in the water, pool volleyball is a fun game for all ages. You need: A rubber volleyball, or an over-sized colorful volleyball if children or unskilled players take part in the game. A sturdy pool volleyball net with good poles. Directions: There are no official pool volleyball rules but there are a number of loose guidelines most players follow. Traditionally if you’re the pool owner you can make the rules up as you go.

8. London River

London River

London River is a fun and active game that will get everyone wet. You need: A water hose and six or more players. Directions: One person gets into the pool, holding a water hose under the water. Everyone walks clockwise around the outsides of the swimming pool while singing to the tune of London Bridge: “London river’s flooding up, flooding up…my fair lady”. Whenever “flooding up” is sung, the person in the water sprays one of the singers. Then, when the phrase “Take the key and lock her up” is sung the hose is handed to someone else who, in turn, jumps into the water. The game ends when everyone is in the pool.

9. Atomic Whirlpool

Atomic Whirlpool

Everyone gets in the pool, lining up in a single file along the pool edges. Tell them to walk for a couple of minutes, then “run” around the edges for some time. The water should “carry” them around the pool. Now it’s time for them to turn around and go the other way, against the current, which is almost impossible…

10. Invisi-Bottle


You need: A clear, 2-liter bottle with the wrapper removed, filled with pool water. A bottle with a white cap or a cup with the same color as the floor tiles of the pool works best. Directions: The players are divided into two teams. Line them up inside the water on opposite ends of the pool, facing away from the water. Toss the bottle into the water. Once they hear the splash the players must turn around and search for the bottle. It may sound easy but it’s not, because the invisible bottle is hard to spot on the bottom of the pool.