8 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

8 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

It is hard to believe that the way Valentine’s Day is celebrated now had its foundations in a liturgical celebration of one of the early Christian saints named Valentinus.

It became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages and evolved into its modern form in 18th-century England. Only then did lovers send each other tokens of their love such as flowers, confectionery and greetings cards.

The celebration of this day has become very commercialized, so we at Life Daily would like to to help you and your man put the romance back.

That is why we have created these romantic valentine’s day ideas for him that are both simple and inexpensive.

The success of what you decide to do will depend in part on thoughtful planning and paying attention to detail. This will say more about your love than a simple card or gift – but they can also be part of it. And, what it really gives you, is some precious one-on-one time – so don’t squander it!

Remember, romance doesn’t have to be all about sex. On the other hand, men seem to have some expectations in that department on Valentine’s Day.

We have included suggestions about how to deal with that in our selection of Valentine’s Day ideas for him, starting with our first idea:

1. Stay In Bed All Day

Yes, it’s that simple! Start with breakfast in bed and your favorite movies on TV – or more adult channels if you prefer – and see where it goes from there.

2. Make A Meal Together

By now you must know his favorite meal, so try to cook it together. And if it doesn’t work out, well you can always order pizza and laugh about it.

3. Get A Massage For Him

Order a professional masseuse and set up a “massage parlor”. You can watch and maybe pick up a few massage tricks to practice later.

4. Re-create Your First Date

Do you even remember your first date? Did it go well – or was it a disaster? Anyway it will help both of you to understand how far into the relationship you’ve come, and you can get sentimental about old memories.

5. Just Get Away – Plan A Trip

A recent survey found 50 per cent of men would like to go away on Valentine’s Day. The place need not be exotic if you’re on a tight budget. A local hotel can be enough just to change your routine environment.

6. Make Your Home A Love Zone

Get up early and decorate the house to make it Valentine’s friendly. Place comfortable cushions, in the sitting area, hang love heart decorations, and place scented candles around. Make sure there is soft, romantic music in the background – preferably with his favorite songs.

7. Do Something To Make Him Blush

Get a fake tattoo somewhere really private. If you are sure he won’t freak out, get a nude photo portfolio taken of you by a professional photographer.
Hang a banner in public that says you love him. Wear a T-shirt printed with his face and words of love written on it. Carry balloons printed with his face inside a love heart.

8. Plan a surprise

Romance is best when it’s unexpected. Make a plan to surprise him; take him somewhere that you know he really enjoys, such as a restaurant, the movies, a walk on the pier, or a ride in the fairground.

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with the unstated – but usually honored – belief that it is the man who does the wooing and makes the occasion special.

Now, you have the chance to turn the tables by using one or more of our valentine’s day ideas for him.

You’ll be sure to surprise him, and he’ll enjoy it.

Which of our ideas most appealed to you? Do have other suggestions you could add to our list? You can share them simply by using the comments feed below.