The 7 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

The 7 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

The 7 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Dangerous Job

For some people sitting in an office or behind a computer just isn’t an option. For those that need more of a thrill to get their job satisfaction it’s all about DANGER!

Here at we sit behind computers in our comfy air conditioned offices. The most dangerous thing that happens round here is an unexpected coffee spill or a nasty slip in the bathroom. But there are many people who crave the adrenaline “buzz” that comes with a working day, or night, that involves danger.

For some people getting paid for their work is just a bonus

There is nothing quite as rewarding as living life on the edge and if you can achieve this while working and earning money for it then it’s even better

As reported by Karmicchristian on some of the most rewarding jobs are in fact the most dangerous and can even be life threatening. Yet this doesn’t stop many people around the world, and from all walks of life, doing them.

if you are sitting there at your desk all comfy and cozy (like me), reading this as i suspect you are, you may sometimes wonder what type of jobs are out there which could offer you a little more excitement. If so, read on! But don’t hand in your notice….just yet.

1: Firefighter

firefighter saving life