The Worst Car In The History Of The World

The Worst Car In The History Of The World

The worst car in the history of the world could well have been made in America!

That is if you take a look at the reviews of the many sites listing the worst cars ever made. For example, US companies feature big in the ’50 worst cars’ list of the Los Angeles Times and the ‘100 worst cars’ list of Time Magazine.

Over in the UK the internationally popular motoring show ‘Top Gear‘ devoted a whole program to the subject. Lead presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, tested a wide range of vehicles. As you would expect, cars from Poland and India did not score well. However, some of the more cutting criticism was saved for the American contributions. (You can watch a clip of the Jeremy Clarkson below)

Those panned included the AMC Pacer, Chevrolet Corvair (and Vega), Cadillac Cimarron, Pontiac Astre and, of course, the Ford Pinto. They tested on screen a Lincoln Continental MK 5 and A Buick Le Sabre. Let us just say that they were not impressed!

Here, at Life Daily, we have made our own selection. And it’s sad, but true, that the greatest number of cars you would never have wanted, were made by American companies.

Which partly explains why the US motor industry got into such trouble and needed the bail-outs.

So, let’s look at our list and see if you think we found the worst car in the history of the world.

1. Ford Pinto (1970’s)

Ford Pinto 70's

Widely condemned for the position of it’s fuel tank. It got the reputation of exploding if rear-ended. Ford management were criticized when it was claimed that they had decided it was cheaper to pay off damage claims than redesign the car.

2. Ford Edsel range (1950’s)

Ford Edsel range 50's

Failed miserably as a brand. The last model they made, the Ranger, sold less than 3000 units. It was called by critics “the wrong car at the wrong time.”
But it did add a new word to the field of marketing . Any badly planned or unclear campaign is still called an ‘Edsel.’

3. Pontiac Aztek (2000’s)

Pontiac Aztec 2000

Also considered a wrong design for it’s time. It is now described as “one of the ugliest cars ever made.” It only sold 5000 units in 2005. This was the last year of production. The Pontiac company closed 5 years later.

4. Studebaker Wagonaire (1960’s)

Studebaker Wagonaire 60's

A spectacular disaster! Only 940 vehicles were sold following customer complaints about the leaking roof and other problems . Production finished in 2005. Studebaker finished 2 years later.

5. DeLorean DMC 12 (1980’s)


Actually assembled in Northern Ireland. John De Lorean took advantage of generous tax breaks and grants from the British Government. Unfortunately, the workers were not skilled enough and the car had many quality problems. Production stopped in 1982, and the company went bankrupt. A new company in Texas is now making versions of the model in limited numbers.

6. Yugo GV (1990’s)

Yugo GV 90's

And, finally, a car NOT made in the US. This brand has been the source of more car jokes than any other over the past 2 decades. NPR ‘Car Talk’ called it “the worst car of the millennium.” It is thought of as cheaply-made and unreliable. In 1989, sales collapsed when a Yugo was blown off a bridge in Michigan and the driver died. Three years later imports stopped.

That’s our selection.

What do you think? Is it possible to say that there is, actually, only ONE worst car in the history of the world?

The fact is that even the best companies make mistakes. There have been some huge failures in every category from basic to luxury. But, if ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ so is our feeling about quality and value.

And, now that you know about the worst, how will you decide on YOUR next car? Especially, when is the best time of the year to buy?

At Life Daily we’re always looking for your best interests so check this out: When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car?

Here is the Jeremy Clarkson clip on You Tube