Understanding Koi Fish Color Meaning

Understanding Koi Fish Color Meaning

Understanding Koi Fish Color Meaning


Koi is the general name for “carp” in Japanese. The name refers to all types of carp, from the simple dull gray fish to highly colored varieties.

The first fact you should know about Koi fish color meaning is that these colored varieties are called “nishikigoi” or “braided” carp.

The Japanese word can also mean love or affection, so these colored koi symbolize friendship and romantic love in Japan. Because they also represent strength and courage, Koi have become a popular subject for tattoos, pictures, jewelry, and a whole range of products.

Each koi fish color symbolizes something different. But koi colors can also symbolize family. On Childrens Day in Japan, koi flags are used to depict family members

  • Father is black
  • Mother is red or orange
  • Boy is white or blue
  • Girl is red or pink

Koi fish tattoos have different meanings; these depend on the number of kois, direction of swimming, and colors.

Some of the more popular koi fish color meanings are explained below:


This is the best known Koi color; the fish is red and white, and that is the meaning of its name.