12 Simple And Tasty Picnic Ideas For The Family

12 Simple And Tasty Picnic Ideas For The Family

There is something really special about eating in the open air, so we have come up with some picnic ideas which are simple, tasty, and inexpensive

There is no need to spend hours preparing complicated dishes, since the whole essence of dining al-fresco is its simplicity.

But that doesn’t mean that no planning is required. On the contrary, when putting together what you need for the picnic, there are some sensible rules to follow.

If you are carrying perishable foods, such as cooked chicken or seafood, make sure you pack them in a cool bag with plenty of frozen freezer blocks to keep the food at the lowest temperature possible. You’ll also need a freezer box for the drinks.

Some people are happy taking simplicity to the extreme; some crusty bead, a hunk of cheese, and a bottle of chilled white wine is all they need

But our Life Daily food team felt that we should take the picnic ideas up a notch or two, so here are our suggestions for the perfect picnic:

1. Decent cheese is important maybe a farmhouse Cheddar style or a delicate soft goats cheese.

2. Sliced meats are always a favorite item. Good-quality ham cut from the bone, Italian Parma ham, and salami are recommended.

3. No picnic is complete without good bread: crunchy French baguette, good granary or a tangy sourdough will all go well with everything else.

4. Salad is a must! Sweet cherry tomatoes, crunchy radishes, cooling cucumber, and crisp lettuce leaves are the perfect combination.

5. Eggs are essential for picnics and hard-boiled eggs are always popular. For a dainty treat, try hard-boiled quail’s eggs, served with celery salt for dipping. A Spanish Omelete, which is delicious served at room temperature, is great for vegetarians.

6. A variety of olives is a tasty accompaniment to the cheeses and meats. Black, green, with stones or pitted, flavored with garlic, stuffed with anchovies – the choice is yours.

7. And, of course, Summer fruits for dessert. Cherries, strawberries, raspberries, juicy peaches or a whole watermelon cut into slices; the kids will love it.

While we have emphasized the simple nature of our picnic ideas, it could be nice – if you have the time – to prepare one or two cooked dishes that can be served cold. You can choose from the following options:

8. Chicken à la Vinaigrette or Grilled Tuna Steaks à la Nicoise, served cold, would each make a simple but stylish centerpiece. Or, roast beef, beetroot and horseradish is a great flavor combination which you can assemble at the picnic.

9. Spicy chicken wings and drumsticks are good finger food, so they are particularly suitable for picnics.

10. Couscous pots are individual pots filled with couscous (or rice) salad and are easy to make and to eat.

11. Mozzarella kebab is made by spearing mozzarella pearls on cocktail sticks alternating them with cherry tomatoes and either fresh basil leaves or cucumber chunks

12. Tortillas are a great alternative to regular sandwiches. Choose bacon and cheese, chicken and salad, or prawn and lettuce.

Although this article is concerned mainly with what to eat, there are some other factors to consider when organizing a picnic

Firstly, make sure to take a large blanket to cover the ground. Secondly, take plastic plates and cutlery, kitchen paper and wet towels.

There are so many great spots for a picnic; you can choose a local park, the beach, a field in the countryside, or even your garden. And, if you are taking children, plan some outdoor fun to keep them amused. A ball, Hula Hoop, skipping rope, or beanbags, are items that can keep them happy for hours.

Having taken care of all these items, you and your family or friends can relax and enjoy the food.

The delicious picnic ideas our team is proposing will ensure you are able to do that

If you have any favorite picnic foods, please tell us and our readers using the comment feed below. We’d really like to hear your ideas.