Are You Making These 7 Mistakes With Wine?

Are You Making These 7 Mistakes With Wine?

Wine has become one of the most prevalent industries in the country, mostly because millennials are drinking wine at never-before-seen speeds. More of your friends are probably drinking wine, so now is the time to decipher the rules, and see what mistakes you’ve been making.

Going to parties now, it may be more common to see a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc than a case of Bud Light. Does that leave you with some anxiety? Some of your friends may be more experienced in drinking wine than you are, and there are a ton of rules that come along with drinking wine. How do you avoid embarrassing yourself?

All the rules can be hard to keep straight. Here are seven of the most common mistakes made with wine. Read this list, and next time, you’ll be able to impress everyone with your knowledge of wine.

1. Filling the glass too high

The typical pour is about five ounces. Any more than that, and you’ll make it much to hard to enjoy the wine in your glass. You want to leave space to let the wine “breathe,” and so you can swirl it in your glass and smell the aroma. Pouring too much makes you look greedy and like you don’t know much (or care) about wine.


2. Pronouncing the “t”

Some wine varietals, such as Pinot Noir and Merlot, have a silent “t.” That’s because they are French wines (or at least French words–the wine could be made anywhere). When you pronounce the words wrong, it gives the instant impression that you’re a newbie when it comes to wine… and that you’ve never seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt.

3. Chugging down a glass 

Wine is meant to be sipped and enjoyed. Each sip gives you a chance to experience the complicated flavors. You’re in no rush to get to the bottom of the glass–or you shouldn’t be–so take your time and take pleasure in your drink.

chugging wine


4. Asking for ice

Why would you want to water down your wine?! This isn’t a soft drink, it’s something to be tasted. If it’s white, it should already be cold. If it’s red, it should never be cold. So adding ice really just diminishes the flavor and value of the wine you’re drinking.

5. Adding lemon

This is a “lesser known wine faux pas”, but asking for a slice of lemon or adding lemonade to your wine is not the best way to savor the flavor. If you’re trying to impress someone with your knowledge of wine, it is probably best to just avoid it. Unless you’re having sangria!



6. Keeping red wine in the fridge

Typically, white wine is supposed to be served chilled, while red is supposed to be kept at room temperature. While there are exceptions to this rule, you should probably go ahead and leave that bottle of red out on the counter instead of keeping it cold.

7. Holding your glass by the bowl

The wine glass is meant to be held by the stem, not the bowl. If you are holding the glass by the bowl, the heat in your body will start to warm up the wine, which no one wants. Instead, grasp the stem of the glass, and show everyone in the room that you know what you’re doing.

wine glass hold

But if you are making some wine mistakes, you definitely aren’t alone. Of 2,000 wine drinkers in the UK, one in three rushes to gulp down their wine, while nearly 40% store red wine in the refrigerator. 13% admit to filling the glass to the brim. So if you’re not trying to show off you’re wine knowledge, keep doing whatever you want. Most people are!

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