There is Finally An Answer to “What is Love?”

There is Finally An Answer to “What is Love?”

What is love? Everyone has a different answer. Love is a feeling that can’t be put into words–but these people have tried their best.

Youtube channel SoulPancake set out to define love by asking one person of every age, 0-105, “what is love?” While many participants had trouble finding the words to describe love (mainly in the under 7 age group), a lot of the people questioned had a great take on love–from what love is, to what love feels like. Warning: some of these answers may cause you to tear up and/or run and tell someone you love them.

Some participants went for the most simple answer:

“Love means you love someone.” –Age 5

While some went deep:

“Love, to me, is something you do, on a day-to-day basis. You can hold affection, and you can hold nostalgia, but I think love is active.” –Age 32

Some talked about love of family:

“If you’re really close to your family, I consider that love. So, any other person… if you see them as your family, that’s love.” –Age 23

And love of self:

“You can love yourself first. Cause once you learn how to love yourself, you can love anything in this world.” –Age 58

Some were just beginning their experiences with love:

“Someone that loves you, loves you because you’re you.” –Age 11

While others were old pros:

“I’m married 55 years. Our job in life, the two of us, is to look after each other, and see to it [that] we’re our best selves.” –Age 80

Some took the question very seriously:

“Everything else becomes nothing. All that matters is the two hearts expand to infinity.” –Age 51

While some could see the humor in the situation:

“Love means, to me, a big old kiss on the mouth. And you’re not against it, at all.” –Age 17

And some were so powerful that you could see the answer in their eyes:

“Love means a lot to me. It means a lot.” –Age 105

Want to hear the rest of the answers? Grab a box of tissues, and watch the video here:

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