25 Funny Cat Names That Are Really ‘Punny’

25 Funny Cat Names That Are Really ‘Punny’

Firstly, it must be said that all humor is relative, not absolute. Something that one person finds amusing, another does not.

In selecting this small list of funny cat names we decided to opt for a particular form of humor – the pun.

What is a pun – and why is it funny?

A pun is a phrase which combines two different sets of ideas or words into a single expression. Their meaning is relevant only to the language in which they were originally created. Puns are not really translatable. Basically, if you have to translate and explain the words in their literal meaning, they are no longer funny.

Writers as diverse as William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde frequently used this form of humor. The only problem is that a pun is not always immediately obvious – sometimes you need to think for a few seconds to understand it.

As far as funny names for cats is concerned, it seems that the demand to be more original than “Kitty” is growing among America’s 73 million cat owners. You may be surprised to learn that figure is 10 million more than dog owners, and that some 30% of US households have a pet cat.

That’s a pretty large market to satisfy in its search for original names. So, our Life Daily team has come up with a very diverse list of funny cat names which can set you thinking about which might suit your feline companion.

Browse through it and check how many seconds it takes you to get the pun:

1. Brad Kitt

Cat 'Punny' Names Brad Kitt
2. Catalie Portman
3. Cat Damon
4. Cat Middleton
5. Catsy Cline

6. Cat Winslet

Cat 'Punny' Names Cat Winslet
7. Cindy Clawford
8. Chairman Meow
9. Doctor Mew

10. Hairy Potter

Cat 'Punny' Names Hairy Potter
11. Jennipurr Aniston
12. Jerry Flea Lewis

13. J.R.R. Tollkitten

Cat 'Punny' Names J.R.R. Tollkitten

14. Jude Paw

Cat 'Punny' Names Jude Paw
15. Leopardo DiCatrio
16. Mandy Catinkin
17. Margaret Scratcher
18. Meowly Cyrus

19. Pablo Picatso

Cat 'Punny' Names Pablo Picatso
20. Paw Newman
21. Santa Claws
Cat 'Punny' Names Santa Claws
22. Scratch Adams
23. Tina Spay
24. William Catner
25. Winston Furchill

You will probably agree that some of these funny cat names were more obvious than others.

Which was your favorite? Do you have any other names you could add to our list? You can tell us and our readers simply by using the comments feed below.