10 Best Ski Destinations in the World

10 Best Ski Destinations in the World

It’s never too early to start planning your next winter getaway–especially if you’re a skier. There are ski lodges all around the world, but do you know where the best skiers love to travel?

Snow lovers rejoice! The top ski destinations have been tallied and voted on by skiers like you. The favorites are official, from Canada to Colorado (and a few surprises in between). Here’s the list of the 10 best destinations for skiers. Does your favorite make the cut?

10. Patagonia, Argentina 

Yes Votes: 16

Patagonia will be experiencing Winter during our Summer–June through August–so its perfect for those ski-lovers who don’t want to wait until the weather gets cold. Not to mention, there are miles of trails and amazing resorts, so people who love the thrill (and have a passport) will love it.


9. Vancouver, Canada

Yes Votes: 45

The city of Vancouver is within 30 minutes from three different ski areas: Grouse Mountain, the most accessible, Mount Seymour, which has the most snow, and Cypress Mountain, with the steepest incline. Skiers of all skills will find something to do here.


8. Banff, Canada

Yes Votes: 52

A lovely spot in the Canadian Rockies, this city is one of the most popular areas for downhill skiing in the country. The city is right on the south eastern boarder of Banff National Park, so you will have lots of opportunities to not only ski, but hike and climb as well.


7. Aspen, Colorado

Yes Votes: 75

Aspen is one of the most beginner-friendly areas on the list, with trails like Buttermilk to teach the family. But there are more adventurous areas, like the historic Aspen Mountain, or the most popular trail Snowmass. And Aspen is great for those looking for an ultra-luxe lodge experience.


6. Whistler, Canada

Yes Votes: 75

Whistler trails are open to skiers and snowboarders nearly half the year, because of the northern weather. So whether you’re a beginner just looking for a taste of winter, or an expert entering in one of the many ski competitions held annually, you’ll always be able to find time to get here.


5. Innsbruck, Austria

Yes Votes: 77

Taking a trip across the ocean, this town hosted the Winter Olympics twice, so you know the skiing must be good. There are nine different ski resorts here, and all levels are welcome. And when you’re not out on the mountain, Innsbruck is a historic city you’ll definitely want to check out.


4. Lake Tahoe, California

Yes Votes: 78

Another Winter Olympic city, Lake Tahoe is a little closer to home. With nearly 4,000 skiable acres, you’ll need a long trip to see everything this city has to offer. Not to mention, the lake has been named one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the US.


3. Vail, Colorado

Yes Votes: 87

Vail is one of the most popular ski destinations in the US, and that’s probably because it is home to the largest single-mountain resort: the Vail Ski Resort. With 5,300 skiable acres, it’s tough to get a reservation, so you better do your planning in advance.


2. Telluride, Colorado

Yes Votes: 87

With 300 sunny days and 300 inches of snow a year (on average), Telluride is the perfect ski destination. Some locals even say that the name comes from a way of saying “to hell you ride,” which refers to the many intense ski slopes right in the city’s backyard.


1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Yes Votes: 99

The beautiful city is home to three large ski resorts, and attracts so many tourists because of it’s annual 400 inches of snow. It is an up-and-coming winter area, which means there are less lines to fight through than Telluride or Vail. Be the first of your friends to discover this amazing place.

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