10 Lies Disney Princesses Taught Us

10 Lies Disney Princesses Taught Us

Disney Princesses are bad role models

Your Dad Allows You Out in a Sea Shell Bra

The Little Mermaid

I don’t know about your dad, but mine certainly would not let me frolic around the ocean in nothing but two little sea shells. I guess somehow falling in love with a human is worse than swimming around half clothed.

Talking to Animals is Totally Normal


If you find yourself communicating with animals on a regular basis I suggest you seek professional help.

Living With Seven Men is an Acceptable Thing to Do


The original Frat Rat…Snow White. Because passing out in a house of seven men is a great life choice.

Your Long Hair Will Blow Perfectly in the Wind


LOL right…If anyone with long hair has ever stepped outside on a windy day, not to mention wearing lip gloss, you know this couldn’t be further from reality.

Its Okay to Get Engaged to Someone You Just Met


They finish each other’s sandwiches so it must be true love, right?

Your Lipstick Stays in Tact After a Make Out Sesh


Not to mention after being asleep for 100 years…that’s some long lasting lipstick girl.

Cutting Your Own Hair Turns Out Flawlessly

Mulan Cutting Her Hair

Remember when you tried to cut your hair with the kitchen scissors? Not sure how Mulan managed to get such a chic bob…

You Should Completely Change for the One You Love

The Little Mermaid Walt Disney Screencaps - Princess Ariel & Prince Eric

Because all young girls need a role model who changes everything about herself for a man…

Your Make Up Comes Off Perfectly With One Swipe


Enough said.

Men Who Lie About Their Identity Make Great Boyfriends

Do you trust me? Aladdin is full of great songs and (fun fact) this one is is the only track where Jasmine sings

And guys wonder why girls have trust issues.

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