10 Things Only Travel Junkies Will Understand

10 Things Only Travel Junkies Will Understand

Keep Calm and Travel the World

If you are stricken with incurable wanderlust, you are all too familiar with the fatal nostalgia and constant yearning to begin your next adventure. Memories of past adventures, and plans for future travels haunt your day dreams. Unless you are standing among ancient ruins in Rome, enjoying gelato in Italy, or shopping on Champs de Elysee, you are rarely satisfied.

Here are 10 things only true travel junkies will understand.

You Have Friends On Multiple Continents

This article is written by Annie de Saussure, who is a PhD candidate in French at Yale University and a study abroad junkie.

Arguably one of the best things about traveling is the opportunity to make friends around the globe. So your dad isn’t too excited about your new European boyfriend, but international friends are the best way to broaden your views and horizons.

Your Change Drawer Has Multiple Currencies

Currency Trading Fundamentals

How many times have you accidentally handed the barista pence instead of cents? Your wallet is inhabited with at least three different currencies, but removing them just feels wrong. They are little reminders of your adventures, and probably make you feel slightly cooler than your average American friends. Being well-traveled is something to be proud of after all.

“When I Was In…” is a Commonly Used Phrase

Travelling the world as an avid adventurer

Speaking of your “average American friends”, they are probably getting sick of all your stories starting with “When I was in..” *insert country of choice* Worse yet, if you post one more throw back picture to Europe with the hashtag #jetsetter or #wanderlust you are at a high risk of being unfollowed by at least a few friends.

You Have Booked a Flight For Less Than $50 US Dollars


Any travel junkie knows the only way to afford to travel is budget airlines. That being said, you probably have a fair share of near death experiences using them. Forget complementary drinks and snacks, some airlines even charge to use the bathroom on board!

“4-Star” is Always Subjective

Alexandra Grant BCF Shoot

If Hostelworld or AirBnB is starred as a favorite site on your computer, you know the hostel rating system is slightly flawed. We’ve all booked a “4-star” hostel and arrived to discover that it was deserving of a 2-star rating at best. That being said, all you really need is a place to crash from 2 – 5 am anyway.

You Don’t Understand People Content With Staying in One Place


One of the biggest frustrations of a travel junkie is other’s inability to understand how truly amazing traveling is. As hard as it may be to comprehend, some people are perfectly happy never leaving their home town. However frustrating to us this may be, to each their own…

You Have an Unhealthy Obsession With Maps

World Map Cork Board

The “where you have been” pins have taken over at least two maps already, and the cork board map will simply never be big enough to fit all the pictures and ticket stubs from your adventures. At some point you have probably considered getting a tattoo of the continents or globe somewhere on your body.

Going to the Airport Gives You a Serious Rush


Few things in life excite you more than airports. They mark the starting point of a brand new adventure. You have security down to a science and have learned how to pack your entire life into one backpack.

You’ve Had to Have Pages Added to Your Passport

Passport Stamps of the World

Collecting passport stamps is a hobby of its own. Your impressive collection is always expanding, and you may even need to have a few pages added to accommodate your next stamp.

Your “To Go” List is Miles Long

I Haven't Been Everywhere But It's On My List

Every time you check a place off the list, a new one seems to take its place. With every adventure comes new inspiration. The only downfall of traveling, is that no matter where you go, there will always be somewhere you haven’t been.