10 Tips On How To Wake Yourself Up In The Morning

10 Tips On How To Wake Yourself Up In The Morning

Are you the type of person who wakes upon time, instantly springs out of bed bright eyed and full of energy, ready to face whatever the day has in store?

If your answer is “yes” then read no further.

But, if you belong the the vast majority of us who struggle every morning to make the adjustment from sleeping to waking, read on!

Our Life Daily team has put together some helpful tips on how you can wake yourself up quickly and easily.

One important requirement for waking is to make sure that you prepared yourself properly for sleeping the night before; eating the wrong foods at the wrong time disturbs the sleep pattern, making waking much more difficult.

Alcohol may send you to sleep initially but it interferes with the quality of sleeping. Avoid coffee, spicy or fatty foods, chocolate, sugary snacks or a big meal shortly before bedtime.

It’s important to try to go to bed in the right frame of mind. Try to ignore feelings of worry or stress, and never go to bed mad. Try to resolve any arguments with your partner before trying to sleep.

So, having prepared yourself for sleeping, you can now prepare yourself to wake up by following these tips:

1. Think of something to look forward to, and remind yourself of it when you wake up.
2. Stretch out all your limbs. Start by stretching out your neck, and continue until you reach your ankles.
3. Turn on the radio or TV; the news or a talk show is more stimulating than music.
4. Drink a glass of ice cold water as you get up. The coldness will wake up your body.
5. Sleep with the curtains open a little, so you can awaken in light.
6. Put your alarm clock or phone well away from the bed, so you’ll have to get up to turn it off.
7. If noise disturbs you (even snoring!), use earplugs; a simple but effective way to ensure relative quiet.
8. If you are worried about an upcoming event, think positive like “I’ll do great!” or “It will be a piece of cake!”
9. Go to the bathroom; wash your face, brush your teeth and take a shower. If you really feel sleepy – make it a cold one!
10. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast so you’ll feel more awake and ready to start the day. You can eat eggs, fruit or cereal but avoid foods that are soaked in grease, butter, or maple syrup; they will give you a bloated feeling.

We’re sure that if you follow these tips you’ll find it much easier to wake yourself up in the morning.

How do you get up in the morning? Do you have any other ideas or your own tips for waking?

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