12 Creative Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

12 Creative Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

Valentine’s Day is the traditional day of romance for showing your loved one how you feel about him or her.

But why confine expressing your feelings to this one day? What about the rest of the year?Maybe you feel constrained by what you think are the limited ways of demonstrating your love.

That’s why our Life Daily team has found some creative ways for you to be able to say “I love you”.

The problem is that we often forget to show those we love how important they are to us. It’s not a question of money; no need for expensive gifts or grandiose gestures.

Those who are truly in love explain that it’s the patient, kind, and selfless friendship that keeps love exciting and meaningful.

Saying “I love you” in a creative way is a good way to demonstrate how much you care.

Check out our list of creative ideas:

1. Simply watch a sunset or sunrise together.

A picnic and some background music will add to the romantic mood.

2. Send an e-greeting – and not just on birthdays or anniversaries.

3. Set up a media free night.

No TV or internet – just focus 100% on your partner.

4. Write it in lipstick on the mirror.

Even if you aren’t the one who wears lipstick – or even if neither of you do!

5. Try five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact and see what happens.

6. Plan your sweetheart’s dream date.

Do exactly what they love to do, with no strings attached.

7. How about writing an appreciation alphabet?

Make a list of one thing you appreciate about your sweetheart for every letter of the alphabet. You’ll need to be a bit creative with “Z”.

8. Be the Grocery Hero.

Surprise your lover with a week’s worth of fresh groceries.

9. Bake your love message.

Say it on cookies, frosting, cakes, or pie tops.

10. Write a goodnight love note and hide it under their pillow.

11. Make breakfast in bed.

There are even “I love you” moulds you can use to press the words into toast or pancakes.

12. Revisit a first date or first meeting place and reminisce about what brought you together.

Was our list of ways to say “I love you” creative enough for you?

Do you have any other creative ideas?

You can share them with our readers by making use of the comments feed below.