13 Apps All Recent Grads Should Download ASAP

13 Apps All Recent Grads Should Download ASAP

Congrats grad: you’re an adult. And that new title comes with a lot of new responsibilities. Thankfully, your smart phone can help you to keep them all straight.

There are a ton of apps that are essential to helping you become an adult. From paying bills, to starting a career, to finding somewhere to live, you have a ton of things to do, and not a lot of help. Enter: these 13 smart phone apps that will turn your life around, in a good way.

1. Coffee

As much as you probably want an app that will magically deliver you coffee, this one is actually better. It’s an app to connect young professionals and hiring managers, so basically, it’s the easiest way to network that’s ever been invented. You can swipe through to find connections and jobs that fit your skills, and then quickly set up a meeting over coffee.

2. Treatings

Another networking app, this one helps to connect young professionals with people who might be able to help them shape their careers: i.e. a mentor. This app will connect you with inspiring people in your area that work in the same field as you one day hope to.



3. Good.co

For those college grads who still aren’t sure what exactly they want to do with the rest of their lives, Good.co is for you. This app will help you find the right type of career for you, with fun personality quizzes that reveal your secret talents and passions, as well as the right type of work environment for you.


This is the app for all of those easily-distracted grads. When you’re not supposed to be checking your phone at work, this app will be your lifesaver. It eliminates all distractions from your phone for as long as you want–just set the timer, and when the time is up, your phone will vibrate to let you know.

5. Localeur

If you’re moving to a new city post-grad, this app will be your lifesaver. Localeur will lead you to the best spots–specifically, the places that locals love. You’ll find the coziest coffee shops and most delicious restaurants so quickly, people will think you’ve always lived there.

6. Evernote’s Scannable

Here’s the most fun part about being an adult: being responsible for your bills, credit card statements, and insurance. Keeping track of all of that paperwork can be a hassle, so download Scannable and create digital copies of everything you need. Plus, everything will be at the tip of your fingers.



7. RadPad

Searching for an apartment can be almost as stressful as searching for a job. But RadPad is here to help. Simply download the app, and you can search through apartments in your ideal area. You’ll get access to verified locations, photos of the apartments, and the ability to communicate with potential landlords.

8. Prism Bills

The best app for those who are overwhelmed with their bills, Prism is a great way to keep all of your expenses straight. From rent, to groceries, to college loans, you can now organize all the bills you have to pay each month in one simple place. So you’ll definitely know how much money you have left over to spend on the fun stuff.

9. Great Little Place

Like Localeur, this app will help you find the best spots in your neighborhood. But Great Little Place was specifically made to lead to you the hole-in-the-wall places that not everyone knows about. The secret spots that give your city the most flavor are waiting for you to discover.

great little place


10. Qapital

Qapital makes the difficult task of saving money a little bit easier. Whether you’re saving for something fun like a trip abroad, or something necessary like retirement, this app makes it easier by helping you manage your money (and letting you know when you can afford to splurge).

11. Splitwise

This app will solve the problem of having multiple roommates and having to pay rent on time. On this app, you can easily split the rent (and other bills) and can make sure that everyone always pays their share. As opposed to mentioning it over and over again to your more flaky friend.

12. TrueCar

For those who have always been dreaming and saving up to buy their first new car, TrueCar can make the struggle a little easier. This app connects you with cars within your budget, acting as your personal car shopper, and showing you deals and prices for the vehicles you might be interested in.

13. Washio

Whether you don’t have a washing machine in your building, or you’re just working over 40 hours a week, Washio will help you with that pesky problem of never having clean clothes. You can use this app to order a laundry pick-up time, and someone will come for your dirty clothes, AND return them within 24 hours. So handy.

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