13 Striking Examples Of Chest Tattoos For Men

13 Striking Examples Of Chest Tattoos For Men

Since the idea of tattoos was brought to Europe in the 1800’s by sailors returning from voyages to the South Pacific, the practice of tattooing has taken on many forms.

Chest tattoos for men is one of the latest ways for tattooists to practice their art.

Because of the large area involved, the tattooist can be extremely creative – the chest is his “canvas.” As you will see from the selection made by our Life Daily team, there are almost no limits.

Since the 1970s, tattoos have become a mainstream part of Western culture and fashion. Tattoos are no longer restricted to men, and can be seen in all economic classes and age groups. For many young Americans tattoos have shifted from a form of deviance to an acceptable form of expression.

Browse through our examples of chest tattoos for men and be amazed at what they are hiding under their shirts:

1. The message tattoo


2. The flying heart tattoo


3. The extreme spider


4. Bizarre collection of unrelated images tattoo


5. Simple symmetrical tattoo


6. The angry eagle tattoo


7. The nightmare tattoo


8. The “lucky at poker” tattoo


9. The “traditional” tattoo


10. The “even luckier at poker” tattoo


11. The Pterodactyl tattoo


12. The “bear truth”tattoo


13. The “all at sea” tattoo


So, what do you feel about our choice of chest tattoos for men?

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