15 Of The Best Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

15 Of The Best Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

It is fitting that this article is about knock knock jokes for kids, since it seems that it was a kid’s game that was responsible for the concept in the first place.

The original format of the game was described in 1929 and was then called ” buff.” In the game, a child would thump the ground with a stick and say ” knock knock.” The answer was ” who’s there?” But the rest of the game did not follow the joke formula as we know it today.

That appears to have evolved in 1936 following an Associated Press newspaper article which reported on the popularity of ” knock knock” as a parlor game. The game received another boost from a broadcast by Fred Allen in the same year.

Knock knock jokes continued to be popular for the next 20 years, but that dropped off as the pattern of humor changed. They then enjoyed a renaissance after the jokes became a regular part of the hit TV show, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.

Knock knock jokes for kids are necessarily limited in their sophistication due to limitations of vocabulary.

On the other hand, knock knock jokes for adults can be far more sophisticated,and are a medium through which several types of humor can pass. These jokes can take advantage of concepts such as anti-jokes, puns, rhythm, homonyms, and other tactics.

But we are concentrating here on kids’ ideas of humor. Our Life Daily team chose the following jokes as typical examples of what makes kids laugh.

Maybe adults too – browse our selection and judge for yourself.

1. – Knock knock
– Who’s there?
– Mikey!
– Mikey who?
– Mikey doesn’t fit in the keyhole!

2. – Knock knock
– Who’s there?
– Howard!
– Howard who?
– Howard I know?

3. – Knock knock
– Who’s there?
– Ice cream!
– Ice cream who?
– Ice cream if you don’t let me in!

4. – Knock knock
– Who’s there?
– A titch!
– A titch who?
– Bless you!

5. – Knock knock
– Who’s there?
– Tank!
– Tank who?
– You’re welcome!

6. – Knock knock
– Who’s there?
– Luke!
– Luke who?
– Luke through the keyhole and you can see!

7. – Knock knock
– Who’s there?
– Frank!
– Frank who?
– Frank you for being my friend!

8. – Knock knock
– Who’s there?
– Wooden shoe!
– Wooden shoe who?
– Wooden shoe like to hear another joke?

9. – Knock Knock!
– Who’s there?
– Doughnut!
– Doughnut who?
– Doughnut ask, it’s a secret.

10. – Knock Knock!
– Who’s there?
– Olive.
– Olive who?
– Olive right next to you.

11. – Knock Knock!
– Who’s there?
– Doris!
– Doris who?
– Doris locked, that’s why I knocked.

12. – Knock Knock!
– Who’s there?
– Avenue!
– Avenue who?
– Avenue heard this joke before.

13. – Knock Knock!
– Who’s there?
– Lettuce.
– Lettuce who?
– Lettuce in, we’re freezing.

14. – Knock Knock!
– Who’s there?
– Boo!
– Boo who?
– Don’t cry, it’s just me.

15. – Knock Knock!
– Who’s there?
– Figs.
– Figs who?
– Figs the doorbell, it’s broken!

So, did you grin, grimace, or groan at these knock knock jokes for kids?

Perhaps you’re not the best judge and you need your kids – or someone’s kids – to see them and give their opinions.

You can let us know your thoughts – or theirs – simply by using the comment feed below.