17 Things All Girls With Glasses Know to be True

17 Things All Girls With Glasses Know to be True

Glasses are the worst–all girls who wear glasses will admit that. But there are a specific set of problems that come along with wearing glasses that have nothing to do with eyesight.

From picking out the best frames, to trying to keep them clean, wearing glasses is a constant hassle. It affects every aspect of your life. But, while there are a ton of problems with wearing glasses, there are also some great things about being a self-proclaimed four-eyes.

Here are 17 things that our framed friends know all too well.

1. The day you buy new glasses is STRESSFUL.

A good pair of glasses can make your face. Similarly, a bad pair can ruin you. You have to pick a pair that will stay stylish, but also frames your face. It’s almost as stressful as picking a prom dress or the outfit for a first date. Except you have to do it every few years for the rest of your life.


2. Having those cleaning towels is almost as important as having glasses.

All the dust, dirt, wind, rain, sweat, and other things in the air around you are twice as annoying for girls in glasses. You can’t see if you don’t clean off the glass fairly constantly. While most girls hate losing a hair-tie, you fear losing that little square of cloth.

3. Otherwise, you must wear cotton clothes at all times.

The only other option is to wipe your glasses on your COTTON shirt. That’s one reason winter sucks: knit sweaters can not help you.

4. You fear nighttime.

When you take off your glasses for the night, you are done for. You can not see anything, and every bang in the night is 100% scarier.

5. Sports are not your friends.

Running fast. Basketballs flying at your face. Don’t even talk to me about sports that require eyewear like Lacrosse. This is one of those times you need contacts.

6. People ALWAYS want to try your glasses on.

Who knows why people with 20-20 vision are always asking to try on other people’s glasses. They all must be jealous.

zooey glasses

7. And then are surprised when they see how bad your eyesight is.

If you wear glasses, you’ve definitely heard this at least once: “omg you’re so blind!” Yes, my eyesight is worse than yours. I am not blind, but I do wear glasses because of this. I’m not sure how much clearer I can be.

8. You choose between indents in your nose or your glasses sliding down your nose.

Nosepads: the bane of your glasses-wearing existence. Except if you don’t have them, you’ll be adjusting your glasses every few minutes (aka any time you look down).

9. Changes in temperature are noticeable since you stop being able to see.

Everything from going outside in the rain to drinking a cup of coffee will cause your glasses to fog up. See numbers 2 and 3.

10. People are always backhanded-complimenting you.

“You’re so pretty without glasses.” Um, thanks.


11. Lasik surgery is what your daydreams are made of.

What would it be like if you didn’t need glasses at all? You’ve definitely spent more hours dreaming of getting eye surgery than you have thinking about anything else.

12. Sunglasses are difficult.

Do you forgo sunglasses to keep your eyesight? Or do you ditch your regular glasses to protect yourself for the sun? Maybe just stay inside.

13. Kissing is harder.

Seriously, you can’t even attempt a make-out session without taking your glasses off. Otherwise, they’ll dig into your nose, or get pushed off your eyes, or fall off, or…

14. When you wear contacts, people don’t recognize you.

Big events like prom or graduation, when you force yourself to wear contacts even though you hate them, will leave all of your friends confused as they search the crowd for you. Remember this fact for any time you need to go incognito.


15. People always think you are smart.

If there’s one good thing that’s true for all girls in glasses, it’s that people automatically assume you are smarter than you are. Even though we all know that girls in glasses aren’t necessarily smarter than those who aren’t, it’s a phycology thing. So you might as well just admit the fact that you are brilliant.

16. Glasses ARE sexy. 

Seriously. Men love glasses. Women love glasses. We all love glasses, so don’t let them stop you from being your ~sexy~ self.

17. Thanks to the hipster crowd, glasses are in right now. 

We have waited our entire lives for this moment. The moment where girls with perfect vision are buying glasses with fake lenses just to be like us. The moment where people everywhere are making creative choices with their frames to stand out, not to fade into the crowd. Own your glasses. Embrace your glasses.

[Featured Image Credit: www.sheknows.com]