20 Cute And Funny Animal Pictures To Make You Smile

20 Cute And Funny Animal Pictures To Make You Smile

Who can resist the appeal of cute and Funny animals?

Not many people in western societies at least, where attitudes to animals are formed at a very young age – literally from birth.

The soft stuffed animals that we give our newborns to cuddle, helps to prepare them to develop an affinity for the ‘real thing’ when they’re old enough.

So our Life Daily team thought it would be a nice idea to put together a collection of cute and funny animals for your enjoyment.

Browse through the collection and see which one you think is the cutest and funniest.

1. Giraffe

Did you know that giraffes are the tallest animals on Earth? They eat leaves from the highest branches that other animals cannot reach. But Giraffes in love bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘necking.’

2. Chicken

Baby chicks – perhaps the ultimate in cuteness, and responsible for the greatest unanswered question in the history of mankind: ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg.’

3. Lion

Known as the most majestic of all animals and dubbed : The king of the jungle,” lions are not renowned for their cuddleyness. Our sleepy white lion is never going to get a job at M.G.M. Their lion has to roar.

4. Cute Something

The truth is that we don’t know what this is! But it was too cute to pass up. We welcome any suggestions as to what it could be.

5. Squirrel

This loving pair are obviously ‘nuts’ about each other. Did you know that the phrase ‘Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed’ came from observing squirrels?

6. Hamster

The small pet of choice for countless generations of kids. Our little furry friend seems to enjoy ‘just hanging around.’

7. Puppy Dogs

Who doesn’t love puppies? Cute and cuddly and always getting into mischief. The problem is that some of them grow to be VERY big!

8. Rabbit
Looks like this amorous pair of bunnies will soon be on their way to showing us why we say ‘to breed like rabbits’!

9. Dog
Is it a dog, or is it a panda? Difficult to tell at first glance, but at least he’s wrapped up well.

10. Cowboy Puppy

This little fella has been watching too many westerns but he might find it a little difficult to actually get on his horse.

11. Dog (yes, really!)

This little Pug really likes watermelon. The problem is how to get started.

12. Orang-Utan babies with Tiger Cubs

Well everything’s nice and cosy right now but wait till they grow!

13. Monkey

Did you know that humans and apes share 98 percent of the same DNA? Not hard to believe when you see this little guy thinking about how to solve a problem.

14. Lion Cubs

Now they can enjoy the innocence of youth before entering their real world of kill or be killed.

15. Lemur

Wow! What big eyes you’ve got. The classic reply is: All the better to see you with! But that’s supposed to be reserved for a famous wolf, not a lemur.

16. Puppy and Kitten
Now they’re the best of friends, but who knows what will be in the future? And just WHY do we say it’s raining cats and dogs?’

17. Foxes

Foxes have the reputation of being cunning, but these two look anything but as they rub noses. And, yet another little riddle for you to solve. Why DO we say, ‘crazy like a fox?’

18. Dog and Deer

Well, that’s one of the strangest combinations you’ll ever see. What could he be whispering in her ear?

19. Rabbit and Baby Chicks

Another unexpected mixture of two of the most cuddlesome animals in our collection. We understand that chicken and rabbit pie is very popular in some circles.

20. Baby Owl

And just to finish of our list, we leave you with a final question; why do we say that owls are wise?

We really hope that you’ve enjoyed browsing through our selection of cute funny animals.

If you have any answers to the questions posed above, or any other remarks, tell us in the comments section below.