5 Of The Most Original 70th Birthday Party Ideas

5 Of The Most Original 70th Birthday Party Ideas

One of the problems of trying to find original 70th Birthday Party Ideas is that the person for whom the party is being planned has lived long enough to have encountered so many things.

Having achieved the “three score years and ten” the birthday boy – or girl – is probably strong in the experience and confidence department, and has years of memories, both good and bad. But one good thing that a 70th birthday party provides is an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends.

Once you’ve decided the theme of the party it’s a good idea to prepare invitations to match it. Of course, you must take into account the character of the guest of honor. A simple “Celebrating 70” is always safe, but you need to be careful if you title the invitation “Sexy 70” – or something similar.

As far as the party theme is concerned, the feelings of the guest of honor should be the first consideration. So, maybe a quiet family get-together would be most suitable. Alternatively, or an all-out wild birthday bash might just suit some feisty 70 year-olds.

When our Life Daily team looked into this subject they discovered that, actually, many themes and ideas are suitable for all ages. As the saying goes “you’re as young as you feel!” In our modern world, with its greater emphasis on good health, “70 is the new 50”.

So, it may not be necessary, for example, to plan an “Over the Hill” style theme. So, here is our list of 70th Birthday Party Ideas for you to consider:

Through the Years

This is a great theme for a 70th birthday celebration, featuring a presentation of old and new photos of the honoree with friends and family exhibited throughout the room. Ask the guests in advance for short tributes that can be printed out and included with the photos.

Book a room in a restaurant or banqueting hall

Being outside of the home environment is already something different. You can put together a Power-point presentation of childhood pictures set to theme music, or a collection of video clips from important milestones. You can also prepare a special scrapbook of memories signed by everyone at the party.

Arrange a picnic or barbecue

It’s always good to get out into the open air. You could head for a park, a river bank, a lake-side, or the beach if you live close to the sea. The guest of honor will appreciate the casual atmosphere, and guests will have the options of games, hiking, water sports or just lounging.

A casual gathering at home

This is a good low-key way to celebrate for those who can’t take too much pressure. A simple wine-and-cheese party, potluck dessert party, or a barbecue in the garden. Wonderful food and good company might be a better idea than a lavish spread, according to the character of the host.

Something wilder

For those with a more adventurous spirit, and the health to go with it, why not consider something really wild? You could book a hot-air-balloon ride or – wilder still – how about skydiving? Don’t think that’s possible at 70? Well, just checkout this video. This skydiver was 100 years old!

What we all understand as we get older is that age is relative. In the words of Bernard M. Baruch, “I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.”

Or, to take the question of age less seriously, according to comedian Bob Hope – who also lived to be 100 – “You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.”

Are you planning an event for a 70-year-old? In which case we hope that our 70th Birthday Party Ideas gave you some inspiration.

Do you have any other ideas? You can tell our readers simply by using the comments feed below.