6 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Chic

6 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Chic

Designing your home on a budget can be hard. With all the things you need to make your home look the way you’ve always dreamed, where do you start? Sometimes, just one little change can make all the difference.

Celerie Kemble, interior designer and creator of the site Decorist, has a list of six simple changes you can make to a room to take it from drab to fab. Follow these rules and your home will be looking chic in no time. And the best part? You can buy all of these items even on the tightest budget.

1. Start from the Top

Your ceilings need love too–don’t leave them white! Painting a ceiling will draw eyes up, and let your guests gaze over your entire room. Not to mention, it makes a room that much more interesting.


2. But Don’t Forget the Bottom

What’s underneath your furniture is just as important as what’s above it. Choosing a vibrant pattern for an area rug or carpet can make a boring room become a statement room in seconds.


3. Let your Lighting Speak For You

Interesting lighting makes a statement (that’s why they call it “statement lighting”). Draw attention to those high ceilings with a dramatic light structure.


4. Pattern your Shower Tile

Patterned tile in your shower is one way to complete a bathroom. It will draw eyes, so this is your time to be creative! Give your shower a relaxing spa feel, or a vibrant fun one–it’s up to you.


5. A Pop of Color in Every Room

Accessories are your home’s friend as much as they are yours when putting together an outfit. A statement pillow here, a throw there, an interesting lampshade; all of these little things can add light and intrigue to an otherwise neutral room.

pop of color

6. Get A Little Whimsical

Displaying a unique item, or choosing an unexpected pattern for upholstery will liven up the room and give it a whimsical feel. Rare and individual items like these will make your house seem like your home.


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