6 Strangest Jobs You Never Knew Existed

6 Strangest Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Choosing a career path can be difficult; how do you know what you want to do for the rest of your life? If you haven’t found something that captivates you yet, why not try a job that no one has heard of?

These uncommon jobs are all things you never knew existed–and now that we know, we want to try them all. Here are 6 of the strangest jobs in the world, and some of the requirements of a person holding the title.

1. Hotel Test Sleeper

If your dream is to travel the world and sleep in, then this is the position for you. A hotel test sleeper is just like it sounds: you jet-set around to different hotels and test out the rooms and beds. Oh, and you’ll have to test out everything else, from the  big things like service, to the little things like the texture of the toilet paper. Nothing can be missed, so only type A need apply.


2. Professional Cuddler

This job has become more and more common over the last few years, especially with apps like Cuddlr and Cuddle Comfort making it super easy to find a stranger to wrap their arms around you. If you don’t have any problems with touching strangers (a lot of strangers), then this job might be for you. Especially good cuddlers can charge about $80 an hour, too, so you can finally put your love of touch to good use.


3. Google Street View Photographer

You have probably checked out Google Street View at some time in your life. But you probably never considered how those pictures ended up on the internet! Someone has to do it, so why not you? You’ll get to travel the world and take photographs of some of the world’s coolest places. There’s only one negative: you’ll have to use a Trekker, the 40-pound filming device attached to your back.


4. Tequilier

A combination of the words “tequila” and “sommelier,” a Tequilier is the person who lets patrons know what kind of tequila is best paired with their meals at upscale resorts and restaurants. You must be an expert in all things tequila–and not just which ones you like, but which brands should be purchased by a specific restaurant, and how best to create cocktails for a restaurant’s bar menu as well. Hope you like shots!


5. Horticultural Therapist

Being a regular therapist is so boring. Why not add a knowledge of plants to the mix? Because gardening has been proven to help people relax, these therapists include the activity into their sessions, using plants to help patients overcome illnesses and disabilities. And for $60,000+ a year, who wouldn’t be willing to dig around in the mud a little?


6. Ninja Master

According to a Twitter user in Japan, a listing for this unique career appeared on a Japanese government work site. The Ninja Master would be responsible for training at the martial arts school in Koka. But don’t quit your day job just yet: the pay for this position is only $6.35 to $8.50 an hour, and although you’d get to wear full ninja gear and have access to an arsenal of weapons, the part-time gig probably won’t support you.


[Featured Image Credit: www.crashcomedy.com]