6 Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Homebody

6 Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Homebody

Homebody (noun): A person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home.

A homebody can be a difficult person to date, especially since they never want to leave the house. But if you can learn these few tips, you can make your relationship work.

1. You want to learn more excuses? Date a homebody. 

A homebody is the ultimate expert in lying to avoid doing things. Friends want to go out on Friday night? They won’t just say they’re sick; they will have an extremely complicated and plausible excuse to avoid it. And they will teach you their ways.

2. Getting a homebody to agree to date you is, in itself, a great accomplishment. 

A homebody agreeing to a date means that they must REALLY like you. Because, unlike for people who love to go out, this person feels most comfortable at home. And probably isn’t a pro at getting dressed up for a fancy restaurant (definitely not a pro, because it makes them uncomfortable). So if you’ve convinced them, you’ve definitely got a real connection.

3. You better love napping, Seamless, and Netflix. 

These are the homebody’s three favorite things. If you can’t see yourself spending an entire day indoors binge watching an entire series of your favorite TV show while you share Chinese food and then fall asleep in the bed you never got up from this morning, then you better call it quits ASAP.


4. A homebody will not fake it to protect your feelings. 

A homebody believes that life is too short to waste it spending time with people they don’t like. Which means, if they don’t like your friends, they won’t pretend to. Some relationships aren’t worth it, so they would rather stay home than spend time with your friends. If that bothers you, then it probably won’t last.

5. Underwear is the most appropriate attire for this relationship.

What would you wear when walking around your house by yourself? Underwear. Or less. And that’s what a homebody feels like all the time. Sitting at home without pants on is a homebody’s dream come true, and if you’re dating, you’re totally welcome to join in.

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6. Overpriced drinks at crowded nightclubs will never excite a homebody. 

So you’ll actually be able to save money by dating someone who never wants to go out. You won’t have to impress this person by buying them expensive dinners out, or lavish vacations. A pizza and a Netflix subscription will win their hearts forever.

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