7 Easy Ways to Make Friends After Graduation

7 Easy Ways to Make Friends After Graduation

Post-grad life comes with a lot of new responsibilities. But what happens when you move to a new town and don’t know anyone? How are you supposed to make friends as an adult?

You’ve probably spent your entire life with a friend group you made in school. But now that you don’t have any classes to attend, what do you do? Making new friends as an adult is terrifying, and difficult, but here are a few steps you can take towards forging a new friendship.

1. Look around your office.

Hopefully, your brand-new adult life comes with a brand-new adult job. Since you’ll be spending most of your time during the week here, why not try to find some friends who work with you? You’ll get to spend all day together, and you’ll always have someone to go to happy hour with or complain about the boss to.



2. Networking events aren’t just for work.

Networking is the word you always hear when you are talking about starting your career, but it kind of also applies to starting a new friendship. Going to these events can have two purposes for you: to meet people who can mentor you, and to meet other young adults who are also looking for friends.

3. Join a gym.

From the locker room to the exercise classes, the possibilities to start up a casual conversation with a stranger are endless at the gym. Maybe try asking someone to grab a bite after your yoga or Zumba class is over. And hey, if you don’t meet anyone, at least you’ll be doing something healthy for yourself.

4. Go on dates.

This might seem strange, but you don’t need to be looking for “the one.” You can use dating to your advantage–it’ll help you meet new people. Your date might be someone who you don’t immediately click with, but could become a friend. Or, you might go on a date to a party full of new friends to meet. You never know.



5. Actually go to those alumni events.

Your inbox is filling up with opportunities to get to know new people. And going to these events comes with it’s own conversation starter: mention old friends you might have in common or favorite professors who taught you. College can continue to help you into your adult life.

6. Use social media.

It’s becoming more and more common that people meet and become friends via the internet and their favorite social network. Use Instagram, Twitter, or your personal blog to meet people who you have things in common with, and set up a meeting. Of course, you have to be careful when meeting someone on the web, but it might turn out to be a great friendship!

7. Go back to class.

We’re not talking about more school, but instead, a class on a subject you’ve always wanted to try. Want to learn how to cook? Or how about a new style of dance? Going to classes will not only teach you a valuable (or at least interesting) skill, but it will also put you in a room with people you have things in common with! Starting a conversation will be easy, and just let it go from there.



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