7 Really Creative 40th Birthday Party Ideas

7 Really Creative 40th Birthday Party Ideas

There is a well known saying that “life begins at 40”. However, if you need to come up with some creative 40th birthday party ideas, you need to take into account how the “birthday boy – or girl” feels about it.

In general, men regard the age of 40 positively. Women, on the other hand, tend to have a different perspective, due to the way in which our modern society seems to worship youth. In an era where so much emphasis is placed on beauty and appearance, the bathroom mirror is not the average woman’s best friend.

Makeup (and Botox) can only achieve so much, and having some “work done” is beyond the reach of most. So, some extra sensitivity is called for if the party host is female.

For many people, turning 40 is a big deal. Some people welcome it, while others would rather ignore it. You need to consider which category the host falls into and plan the type of party accordingly. If someone’s feeling sensitive about turning 40, the last thing you want to do is plan a huge surprise party with lots of family and friends.

Many parties are connected to food in some way, so you could decide to place some emphasis on that aspect and serve high quality food – and drink – which is creative and more special than usual. If you do decide to apply a theme to the food, drink, styling and presentation, make sure you pay atttention to all the small details.

And, if the guest of honor loves big events, you’ve got the green light to organize a true extravaganza.

Here a a few suggestions for you to consider:

Host a theme party at your home.

Make it a party to remember, and don’t leave out any details, from party decorations and theme food to costumes and music. Some of the more popular themes are a Hawaiian luau, Old West BBQ and Casino night. Other themes reflect on trends from the person’s lifetime, like Groovy -70s or Totally Rad -80s.

Reserve a banquet room at the guest of honor’s favorite restaurant.

You could prepare a light-hearted “roast.” Put together a Powerpoint presentation of childhood pictures set to theme music, or a collection of video clips from important milestones. Find a few close friends and relatives to share funny stories with the group about the guest of honor. You can also prepare a special scrapbook of memories signed by everyone at the party.

Rent an activity facility for the evening.

Some excellent venues include movie theaters, bowling alleys, fun parks with bumper cars and mini-golf, rock-climbing centers and swimming pools and water parks.

Hold a barbecue or picnic.

Decorate the backyard, and set up plenty of chairs for a family reunion-style party. Alternatively, reserve a pavilion at the city park, or head to a day campsite at a state park or beach, The guest of honor will appreciate the casual atmosphere, and guests will love the options of games, hiking, water sports or just lounging.

Try a more casual gathering at home.

A simple wine-and-cheese party, potluck dessert party, backyard barbecue or poker night. Wonderful food and good company might be a better idea than a lavish spread, according to the character of the host.

Take the group to a fun event.

This could be a ballgame, camping out, a day at the spa or even a harbor cruise. If you think the host is willing to be more adventurous, try something unique, such as an overnight ski trip or a weekend at a casino resort, to create lasting memories with a small group.

Give the host the chance to do something they’ve always wanted to do.

Book a hot-air-balloon ride or skydiving excursion, either by themselves or for the group. If you think the host is up to it, you could suggest scuba diving, race-car driving, rappelling or rock climbing and sailing. Choosing to celebrate with events like this is a way of showing that life is by no means finished, just because you’re 40 years old.

So, which of our 40th birthday party ideas did you prefer? The small intimate style party at home, or the wilder skydiving option?

You can let us know simply by using the comments feed below.