7 Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Do On Your Own

7 Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Do On Your Own

Society has conditioned us to think that being alone in public is the worst thing in the world. Now we spend so much time trying to get a group together just to do something simple like eat lunch. But maybe it’s time to stop being so afraid to do something with your number one: yourself.

Being alone is scary for most people, because we fear judgement. But really, letting other people dictate what you do is the scary thing! It’ll keep you from experiencing everything out of life you want to. Want to catch a show but your friends are busy? Go anyway! Need a drink after a long day of work, but no one wants to join? Do it yourself! Here are 7 easy things you can do alone–all it takes is a deep breath and a little confidence.


1. Get a drink.

People always talk about picking someone up at a bar, so why can’t you go and do that alone. You (hopefully) don’t need help talking to someone, so going and sitting down at your local bar and grabbing a drink is something you can do alone. And maybe a cute stranger will approach you–or you can approach them–and something good will come from it. Hey, it worked for Meredith and Derek, right?


2. Grab a bite.

The one thing that people are terrified of: going into a restaurant and actually sitting down by yourself to eat. Which is crazy when we stop to think about it, since you probably eat alone other places, like at home, or in your office. Eating alone at your desk can be really unhealthy though, so maybe try going out. People aren’t judging you as much as you think they are–in fact, they are probably wishing they had your confidence.


3. Sing karaoke.

This might sound crazy, but it’s actually a simple thing to do alone. Karaoke bars are a lot of fun, and people are generally very accepting (read: drunk) so going alone would not only be unnoticed, but also welcomed, especially if you kill it onstage. Plus, it’s a great way to make new friends, because complimenting someone on their performance is a simple conversation starter.


4. See a movie.

Why would you be embarrassed to sit alone, in the dark, when people can’t really even see you? Seeing a movie alone is actually pretty common, and especially when movie theaters are mostly empty, you won’t be judged for sitting by yourself. Most people probably won’t even notice. So are you really not going to see that movie you’ve been waiting for just because you’re alone?


5. Catch a concert.

If your friends don’t like the same band as you, then go alone! Concerts are loud and crowded anyway, so you wouldn’t be talking to your friends if they had come. And you can easily get lost in the crowd, so people would never notice you were there alone. So go and enjoy your music!


6. Go to a museum.

This one is simple, because other people around you definitely doesn’t make a difference on the art. Museums are typically quiet places to reflect on what you see, so why can’t you do that alone? And if you don’t believe it, science has proved that having friends around you does not increase how much fun you have (even though you expect it to).


7. Join a Meetup group.

And if you’re looking for an easy way to break into the alone-in-public world, this is it. Meetup is an online company where you can sign up to attend an event and meet new people. Find a group, start a group, and get out there to meet like-minded people. It’s like a baby step to going out alone, because you know everyone else will be alone too!

[Featured Image Credit: theglow.com.au]